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22 Mar

NetFlow Adoption by Channel Partners

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Before our inaugural EMEA Partner Summit, we took the opportunity to quiz our partners on their key 2011 customer initiatives and on how working with SevOne would help achieve them. We weren't surprised to see that our channel partners are focused on integrating SevOne into their traditional network management offering – after all that is a primary reason why we recruited them, for their expertise in delivering solutions. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see their adoption of NetFlow into their solution set. An overwhelming 86% of the SevOne partners said that they would use or plan to use SevOne NetFlow as part of an overall solution they offer. This is additional validation to the research from Jim Frey of Enterprise Management Associates that was presented in Why NetFlow is a must-have for Network Management in 2011.

With the convergence of voice and video and increasing demand from cloud and network-based applications, clear and granular visibility into network performance has never been more important. Historically as we all know, NetFlow provided a good understanding of traffic - who was talking to whom and how much bandwidth were they using. Now with Flexible NetFlow and Cisco NAMs (Network Application Modules) delivering additional application details, the gap with deep packet inspection tools has been substantially closed, accelerating a network manager's ability to optimize and improve the network in support of key business applications. And at an even more affordable price since NetFlow is already built into routers, switches and firewalls and requires no network taps and probes.

Whether you are focused on traditional network monitoring or new cloud-based services, why not offer your customers more cost effective and application-aware network performance management by using NetFlow? Our partners are an extension of our company, and we are pleased to see them stepping up to the plate and using our latest technology.

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