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17 May

Network Monitoring in the InteropNet NOC - a Recap

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This was my 15th consecutive year attending Interop and consequently, my 15th consecutive year having been to Las Vegas. Fortunately, I have managed to never spend a dime gambling. I have seen many changes to Interop over the years, the good and the not so good.

This was my first year as an attendee and not an exhibitor; it appeared to me that Interop is steadily making a comeback. I felt renewed energy from the event with many new and exciting technologies and companies. So if not exhibiting, why go? Well, we had many partner related activities, and Interop is a great way to network with other technology companies. Not to mention our CTO Vess Bakalov was invited to participate in the 'Advancements in Network Management' panel session hosted by Jim Frey Managing Research Director with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

As I mentioned in my blog post, SevOne was deployed along with Cisco Medianet in the InteropNet NOC to provide Flexible NetFlow monitoring and reporting on the latest Medianet performance monitor capabilities. It was great to see the SevOne NetFlow collection and reporting capability demonstrated side by side with Cisco technology in their booth.

On April 26th, we announced a technology alliance and partnership with ExtraHop, a provider of real-time network based traffic analysis. It was great to see the ExtraHop team and to provide a joint solution brief on end-to-end performance monitoring that ExtraHop handed out at their booth. We are excited about the partnership potential and look forward to working closely with ExtraHop.

Vess and I met with Citrix, who during the event announced its AppFlow initiative; this proposal for standardization leverages the IPFIX standard for Flexible NetFlow and takes traditional flow data up from layer 2-4 all the way to later 7. With more than just latency, packet loss and bandwidth usage, AppFlow proposes to include valuable application data such as URLs, http header data, request URLs and more. This increased visibility enables performance management vendors like SevOne to continue to increase application awareness for IT operations and engineering teams to continuously optimize and improve performance of critical business applications and the infrastructure that supports them.

On the final day, was Vess' panel session with fellow industry leaders from Lancope, EMC Infrastructure Management Group, and Packet Design. The topics discussed were focused on convergence of IT services, namely voice, video and data and the impact on management. Some interesting discussions resulted especially some time being spent on the value and impact of appflow for greater application visibility degenerated from the infrastructure itself. Another interesting discussion revolved around the impact of video on the infrastructure and operations. Some key points highlighted were that video has rapidly become a business tool and visibility is critical since users can immediately tell when even the slightest performance problems with video and voice occur.

All in all it was a great event with great discussions and insights. Stay tuned as SevOne continues to deliver industry leading support for these cool new technologies.


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