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25 May

Network Operators Hear Yes We Can from TM Forum in Dublin

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This week at TM Forum Management World 2011 in Dublin, SevOne announced our new performance management solution for 4G LTE, IMS, and Ethernet backhaul. The TM Forum conference is a great venue to meet customers, partners, and many new prospects, especiallyEuropean and Middle East telco operators. Our messaging and solution for providing end-to-end performance monitoring is perfectly targeting the large and growing pain point of network operators - getting visibility at speed and scale into how their network services are performing. This includes all of their different access, backhaul, and core data networks. Starting with routers or eNIDS at the cell-site and following the data path back through the entire network to the core, SevOne can monitor all of the components in the data path (including eNodeB, PGW, SGW, MME, PCRF, CSCF, HSS, and more) and deliver an end-to-end view of the LTE and IMS infrastructure performance, independent of equipment type.

I love the “Field of Dreams” analogy that Carl Ford of 4GWE used in his article You Can Become the EVP of EPC. Today, you will build it and it will get consumed, in a mind boggling fashion by mobile data users. So you better have complete visibility in these rapidly growing and evolving all-IP networks and be able to proactively monitor and troubleshoot any performance issue, across any network segment, before it becomes service impacting.

The Buzz of Dublin
Management World 2011 had to yield to the limelight of President Obama visiting Dublin. Not only did the Obamas' visit affect us with airport delays on Sunday and tourism restraints on Monday, he literally stole all the headlines and the hearts and minds of the Irish population by showing his cultural skills in addition to his usual great oratory performance. This did add to the atmosphere of the TM Forum experience, especially as we pulled our own pints at the Guinness Storehouse social event on Tuesday evening. The US president visit also provided some levity around his MoneyGall O'bama heritage and "The Beast" limo getting stuck when leaving the American Embassy at Dublin.

The Buzz of Management World 2011
While I would like to say that our new product announcement was the buzz of the show (and it was to some!), here's my top three impressions:

  • The stream roller coming at you is Hauwei - When we first arrived on the expo floor to set up on Monday, the steel beams were being dry walled in Hauwei's 2 story office building exhibit. They will soon be number one, and Hauwei people were everywhere.
  • Convergence of Cable and Telcos - While we talk about convergence happening on enterprise networks and in IT infrastructures, it is happening faster for cable and telco operators, driven by consumers. How long before I am able to get 4G wireless service from my cable operator in the US?
  • Mobile video for all - I am even more convinced than ever that mobile data growth is the single largest market driver and challenge that both cable operators and telcos need to deal with. Network operators need an end-to-end view of their network performance to ensure that they can meet this new challenge and deliver the more demanding service levels that mobile video requires.

An End-to-End Performance View
On our new product announcement, our ability to quickly bring to market a new performance management solution for mobile network operators is a tribute to the strength of the SevOne architecture. The key new piece of software we built for our highly scalable, distributed peer-to-peer architecture was our new xStats plug-in. The SevOne xStats plug-in integrates with the vendor-specific Element Management Systems (EMS) for each LTE and IMS component, for the bulk collection of key performance statistics. This unique approach avoids the overhead of directly polling or collecting performance data from the individual network elements that the EMS is managing. This new capability coupled with SevOne's support of more than 15 performance metric collection methodologies, including SNMP, NetFlow, and IP SLA, provides end-to-end collection and monitoring capabilities for 4G LTE, IMS, and Ethernet backhaul.


Mike Miracle is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for SevOne.

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