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3 Jun

Network Performance Management in Philly

Scene of Philadelphia at Night

In early April, SevOne quietly opened a branch in the Old City section of Philadelphia, to help acquire the technical talent that makes our product great. Philly was the obvious choice for our new location for several reasons, but being #8 in CIO’s “Top 10 US Cities for Tech Jobs definitely takes the cake. Well that and cheesesteaks - sorry Geno’s and Pat’s, Steve’s Prince of Steaks has my heart.


Philly has certainly been a big sell for recruiting. Thanks to our tremendous growth over the last several quarters, we’ve been able to bring on a lot of great talent in a short amount of time. The best part is, we're keeping the “Culture of Awesome” alive and also growing it!

So what exactly do our employees in Philly think about the new office? Here’s some of what them are saying:

  • Any type of food is within minutes. Which includes the famous Philly cheesesteaks, $5 for two slices of brick oven pizza and Indian food.

  • Right by the heart of Philly, just a short jaunt to almost anywhere you'd want to be

  • Higher Fridge-to-People ratio

  • Quiet enough to concentrate

  • Spacious, open air room repels "cubicle claustrophobia"

  • Cooler office - How many offices have mezzanines? And a bathroom with a working door?


Brandon Ryall is a Team Lead for SevOne.

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