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16 Jun

Network Performance Management Roadshow in Russia

Russian Scene Near St. Basil's Cathedral

Last week, SevOne hit Moscow for our first full Russian roadshow. It was my first visit to Russia and I was blown away by such an enormous, vibrant, energetic capital city. The extremely long days allowed a small amount of sightseeing after our days of business meetings - I had the obligatory photo taken in Red Square and marvelled at the stunning late-19th century GUM department store opposite the Kremlin.

As often mentioned by westerners who make the trip across to Moskva, the metro system is incredible - beautiful,architecturally individual stations named for great Russian thinkers, writers and scientists; the station under the hotel where the workshop was held was Mendeleevskaya after Dimitri Mendelev, the originator of the first modern Periodic Tables of Elements. The Soviets really seemed to know how to celebrate their greatest achievers - I'd be concerned that some D-lister would get the nod for station rights in these days of empty celebrity; I would walk some distance to avoid alighting at Kardashian Square or (heaven forbid) Peter Andre Plaza.

The workshop session itself was hosted by our partner, Unicorns Ltd - our larger-than-life Eastern European account manager Bozhidar welcomed the crowd and then I took the microphone to explain our distributed peer-to-peer approach to performance management and the advantages which it brings. We were very pleased to welcome some of the cream of the Russian networking world, with representatives from industries as diverse as Banking, Telecoms, Resources, and from a number of Government departments. Boris (Unicorns) had arranged for a full simultaneous translation service - with earpieces for all attendees - which gave the event a little UN General Assembly style. But it did mean I was able to keep up with the technical discussions in Russian and hopefully helped to clarify the points I was making in my Australian English. We hope that it was an interesting session for all.

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and we really look forward to working with you all in the future. And a huge thanks goes to Boris, Elena and their team for organising the event - their professionalism and hospitality was anything but mythical!

Nicholas Reid is Director of Product Design for SevOne

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