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15 Dec

Network Performance Management for Trading Applications

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We've recently blogged about a leading financial services company and its success in using SevOne for network capacity planning and today, we are highlighting another successful implementation in the same industry.

TORA, a leading provider of advanced trading technology and financial services implemented our network performance management solution to systematically monitor TORA Compass™, a multi-broker multi-market trading platform, as part of the company’s quality assurance program and to maintain the highest level of system reliability.

Every second counts for TORA much like many financial services firms, especially in high volume trading environments. Firms need real-time data access to help ensure that key financial transactions always have ample access to network and system resources. SevOne’s high frequency polling capabilities form a critical component of monitoring system quality as does its deferred data capability which imports time stamped data from TORA’s trading applications to correlate infrastructure performance with application performance.

Nick Mussallem, Director at TORA commented, “System availability and stability are an absolute must in our business as traders rely on TORA Compass™ to execute high volume trading strategies in a low-latency environment. SevOne’s network performance management solution gives us the ability to proactively monitor and adjust our trading system and assist us in ensuring our SLAs are met. We expect that SevOne will be extended to other areas of our business where visibility to system performance is key to delivering the highest quality electronic trading technology tools.”

The SevOne solution is well suited to meet the demands of the financial services industry due to our ability to provide data down to the second, a mandatory requirement for financial services firms.

To learn more on how SevOne meets the needs of the financial services industry download our financial services whitepaper below that examines the ever-increasing need for speed at scale, proactive analysis, and higher levels of accessibility, granularity and visibility, as IT managers strive to ensure uptime and rapid response in business-critical networks and customer-facing networks. You can also watch our whiteboard video on Challenges in Monitoring Low Latency Networks.

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