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14 Dec

With New Partnership, SevOne and Moogsoft Keep a Sharp Eye on AIOps-Driven Infrastructures

Organizations have seen the future of IT operations – it’s digital and it’s already here.  

That’s why digital transformation is at the top of to-do lists for so many IT and NetOps teams around the world. Those teams know that now is the time to reinvent their organizations’ core business processes and workflows. So, they’re retooling their operations in ways that fully leverage next-gen digital technologies such as software-defined networking and cloud-based architectures.  

Truly innovative organizations are taking their transformations to the next level  with artificial intelligence. Many of them are doing so with Moogsoft, a leading provider of artificial intelligence for IT operations. Moogsoft AIOps, the pioneering AI platform for IT operations, combines big data capabilities and machine learning functionality to support a variety of automated IT and NetOps processes and tasks.

As enterprises transition to digital infrastructures, the volume of application traffic in the environments increases significantly. As a result, services are more likely to be impacted by bottlenecks or performance degradations on the network than by misbehaving virtual of physical devices. That’s why performance data – both real-time and historical – has become a key piece of the management puzzle.

Given how fast network resources are spun up and down in these digital environments, legacy management systems don’t stand a chance. What’s needed is network visibility and automated, proactive management capabilities that are just as fast, flexible and scalable as the environments themselves. 

This requirement was the driving force behind the new, technology-based partnership between SevOne and Moogsoft that will focus on integrating the SevOne Data Platform with Moogsoft AIOps.

The cloud-based SevOne Data Platform simplifies the extraction, enrichment and analysis of network and machine data gathered from large and complex environments. It gives teams the ability to collect performance data at scale and gain actionable insights based on automated detection of abnormal conditions. IT and NetOps teams can use these insights to spot performance issues early and resolve them quickly, often before they impact end users.

This integration is a great example of how open APIs can be leveraged by third parties to add value to data previously locked inside proprietary systems. Moogsoft have used SevOne's published APIs to retrieve performance notifications from SevOne and drive operational process around performance, as well as availability alarms.

These same APIs are being used by SevOne customers today to maximize their return from the vast amount of data collected by SevOne.

As organizations move to ever greater levels of automation in IT Operations, leveraging technologies such as Machine Learning and AI, it's becoming clear that the first challenge is data. In general, the more data automation models are fed, the faster, better and more accurate the results. Moogsoft's use of SevOne data in AIOps is a great example of this and we look forward to delivering ever better results to our joint customers. 

-Tom Griffin, VP of Strategic Alliances, SevOne

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