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16 Nov

Out with the Old- Address Your Network Performance Challenges in 2012

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With the end of 2011 in sight, it is time to start reflecting on what you accomplished and what new challenges you will face in the next year. For many of you, this means re-evaluating current projects, and planning new projects. If you haven’t thought about the following questions yet, now is the time.

How much of your time next year will be spent on continuing to improve existing services, on new projects, or on new technology rollouts? Can you reduce or hold your costs? Where can you improve efficiency to enable more time and budget for your new projects?

A recent independent survey of SevOne customers identified the following items as the top challenges that SevOne addresses for them:Improving the quality and performance of existing services was a key benefit for 78% of the survey respondents. Even more telling, 62% are leveraging SevOne to help them monitor new technologies and eliminate the gaps in visibility these new technologies introduce.

At our customer advisory board summit, some of our key customers identified that voice, video, unified communications and leveraging cloud computing are some of the key projects for 2012. These initiatives are about convergence and will help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve their ability to be agile in the dynamic markets they compete in. These initiatives introduce some new and unique challenges, including how to:

  • Assess the network’s ability to support the new converged services like VoIP or IP Telephony and video conferencing, for instance, and successfully manage and optimize performance, pre and post deployment.
  • Monitor and deliver a superior quality of experience while ensuring network performance.
  • Proactively monitor and troubleshoot your network before any becomes service impacting.

Initiatives like unified communications and cloud computing require a network performance management solution that provides complete and immediate visibility across these converged technologies to keep increasingly complex networks functioning at peak performance levels.

What’s the benefit of converging your infrastructure only to manage it with the same old set of disparate tools?

To learn how your peers are addressing these challenges and saving up to 50% per year on their network monitoring operations, request a live demo with a SevOne expert or download our white paper, Ensuring Superior Quality of Experience for Enterprise IP Telephony.

Pete Cruz is the Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing for SevOne.

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