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13 Feb

Partners in Network Performance Management- Training at Terilogy

SevOne Partner Logo in White and Blue

I've just returned from training one of our premier partners, Terilogy, who sells and supports SevOne's solutions in Asia-Pac. Terilogy's Japanese headquarters greet the observant visitor with the slogan “Terilogy, In Collaboration with Customer,” a phrase that resonates positively in an increasingly competitive global market.

The goal of my trip was to train Terilogy's engineers and their respective partner engineers to support SevOne installations throughout the Asian markets. It's noteworthy that one of the key challenges in Asia is the wide range of languages, which has caused Terilogy to heavily invest in multi-lingual engineers outside of Japan. During a formal dinner event, it felt a bit like sitting at the table with a small version of the United Nations as employees from Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong and India where all sharing a meal together.

The commitment from Terilogy was obvious early on, about 10 engineers were in attendance for most of the 5 days of training, which covered basic SevOne functionality all the way to detailed support troubleshooting tasks and training on first-level support.

SevOne is currently working on a formalized certification process, which once completed, all SevOne partners, resellers, support engineers and developers will have to undergo and pass exams of various difficulties. SevOne already implements one the of industry's toughest hiring tests, so it's natural that SevOne will employ a similar strategy for other critical areas.

If I had to sum up my trip to Japan in one word, it would be “hospitality.” Terilogy went out of their way to make me feel welcome and appreciated, a special thank you goes out to Miyamura-san as well as Nakajima-san, in addition to everyone else on the team, it was a very rewarding week for both sides.

After this week, Terilogy will set sights on the entire Asian market and make SevOne a prolific presence throughout Asia. With one competitor's solution on the natural decline and another stalling innovation, Terilogy has made a wise choice in SevOne where innovation is rampant and even the sky may not be the limit.

Manuel Harnisch is Sr. Systems Engineer and Technical Evangelist for SevOne, Inc.


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