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31 Mar

Performance Management a Must Have for Delivering Ethernet Backhaul

Illuminated Strands of Cable Fibers

When my family comes home from school and work, they all immediately go online in some way, shape, or form - watching YouTube, checking Facebook and email, and doing homework, from any number of devices; laptop, iPhone, or PC. In fact there are about 12 devices in my home alone that can access the internet. I can only assume this occurs in most households. I thought to myself, our cable operator must be aware of the explosive spike in traffic around 4:30 to 5pm each day and treat it as normal behavior vs. an anomaly that must be investigated.

Bandwidth demands for MSOs and Wireless carriers continue to increase at phenomenal rates. Both in consumer demand and enterprise demand for lower cost connectivity between sites. Monitoring the performance of the Ethernet based backhaul infrastructure is critical for MSOs and wireless carriers to deliver the levels of service their customers demand.

Some interesting tidbits taken from an earnings call by Crown Castle, a leading provider of Cellular towers:

• A report by the Pew Research Center, 59% of Americans accessed the Internet on their phones last year, up from 25% the previous year.

• In fact, Gartner believes that by 2013, the number of smartphones will surpass the number of PCs globally, and that is not counting tablets.

• According to Barclays, tablet units will top 38 million in 2011 versus 15 million in 2010, and are expected to grow to an estimated 82 million units by 2015.

Undoubtedly, the proliferation of all the various data-enabled devices will significantly increase the load on wireless networks and the Ethernet backhaul networks handling this increased traffic.

Leading MSOs leverage SevOne for proactive network performance management to ensure their infrastructure meets current and future demands. With the explosion of new technologies the number of possible backhaul failure points and bottlenecks demands new levels of scalability and end-to-end visibility our customer have only been able to get with SevOne.

In fact, we recorded a live webinar we recently did jointly with Comcast on just this topic. (you can register here to watch it on demand: Why Performance Management is Critical for Success in Delivering Ethernet Backhaul Services). During the webinar you can hear directly from Comcast why effective, scalable and proactive performance management is critical to their day to day and strategic operations.


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