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25 Sep

The Promise and Power of Now

Clock on keyboard

It’s about now.

That’s the bottom line in SevOne’s announcement that we’ve closed $50 million in new financing. Investors see this as the “now” economy—an economy in which we’re all connected, all the time—and they see SevOne as the solution to making sure we stay that way. SevOne’s approach to digital infrastructure management is the solution to ensuring the connectivity on which the “now” economy depends.

This financing is a reflection of the confidence investors feel in two things. The first is the scale of the opportunity before us in digital infrastructure management, especially in a world in which connectivity is driving the mobile economy and massive amounts of data are placing tremendous pressure on companies. The second is the scalability of the patented SevOne Cluster™ architecture, to which companies are increasingly turning for its immediacy, transparency and usability—in short, because it works “now” for the economy of “now.”

Now used to mean “soon.” Booking a flight “now” entailed waiting on hold, then listening to the keystrokes of a ticket agent typing a novel-length search. Buying a stock “now” involved calling a broker, waiting your turn and hoping to catch the market’s moment.

Today, now means now.

From texting to transactions, teleconferencing to trades, intention and opportunity are moments apart. Instantaneous isn’t just what we desire. It’s what we demand.

Today, it’s now for SevOne. Because we are the company that keeps the promise of now in a mobile world.

Behind that promise lies our customer’s vast digital infrastructures—some are individually collecting up to 80 billion data points a day. Consumers want simplicity in what they can see. To deliver it, we conceal complexity—immense complexity, infinite complexity—from their view.

Every corner of these complex digital infrastructures must be monitored in real time. Yet, the legacy management solutions on which companies have depended aren’t built for today’s mobile economy and the Internet of Things (IoT).

That’s the paradox of connectivity today. Above ground, in the space the consumer can see, we’re living The Jetsons. Mobile devices can start our cars, trade our stocks, teleconference our friends.

Below ground, the digital infrastructure management solutions are often times stuck in The Flintstones. It’s a combination of a semi-old, old and ancient approach to monitoring, managing and analyzing data—unless, that is, it is simply absent.

The results are outages, blind spots and service issues. Airlines get globally grounded. Stock exchanges shut down. Countless smaller glitches happen by the moment because the people in charge of legacy management solutions can’t identify and interpret what they monitor, manage and analyze in real time.

Until SevOne. Until now.

We keep the promise of now in a world that can’t afford to go offline. Whether the danger is infrastructure failure, infrastructure congestion or infrastructure planning, SevOne is here to provide scalable solutions that enable the world’s largest enterprises and service providers to prevent infrastructure problems—now. And when problems occur, as they will, we are going to make them visible and fixable—now.

Because this is a world of now. And the meaning of now is changing before our eyes.

End users don’t see what we do. They shouldn’t. If they pause to think about it, there’s a problem. Our job is to be invisible, instantaneous—and indispensable.

That’s the promise of now. It’s also the power of now.

This moment is about now. Now for the consumer. Now for our customers

That means a powerful now—and a limitless future—for SevOne.

Written by SevOne

SevOne provides the only infrastructure performance monitoring platform, engineered for Speed at Scale. The patented SevOne Cluster architecture leverages distributed computing to scale infinitely and collect millions of objects to provide real-time reporting down to the second and help organizations prevent outages.

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