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16 Dec

The Promise of "What's Next"

Man Lecturing at Business Conference

A Key Takeaway from TM Forum Digital Disruption 2014

When I attend industry events like last week's TM Forum Digital Disruption in San Jose, the week is typically a blur of conversations, keynote presentations, panel discussions, live product demonstrations, catching up with old colleagues, or just looking for a place to sit down for a bit. It's invigorating and tiring at the same time.

Anytime I leave an event like this, I try to ask myself, "What did I learn or have reinforced at this event and how will effect how I look at the market, technology and solving customer problems?" If I'm able to answer that question quickly it's been a good conference.  

Well, this was a good conference. Why? It all boils down to how our customers absorb new technologies. Let me explain.

Many of us in the industry spend our time defining, marketing, engineering or supporting "what's next" in products and technology for our customers. In fact at Digital Disruption, SevOne, working as part of a Catalyst project championed by AT&T, along with Microsoft, Cisco, Dell & Ericsson demonstrated an integrated architecture to address the major aspects of interconnecting real-world private and public clouds, composed of virtual networks, virtual machines, and virtualized network functions (VNFs) while handling service-level agreements involving VNFs and MPLS WAN gateways, as described in our press release and depicted in the POC setup shown below.

Logical POC Setup Graph from Digital Disruption Conference

But dealing with the “what’s next” means understanding how new technologies are absorbed into existing operations.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) don’t just deploy new technologies - they deploy new technologies to speed up the time to revenue for a new service, reduce the cost of operating an existing revenue producing service or a combination of both. The key here is dealing with the existing. -- existing infrastructure, existing business operations. It’s typically not about rip and replace, rather it’s about how to integrate new technologies as part of existing operations.

It was a good reminder… a good conference.

Written by Brian Promes
VP of Product Marketing

Brian leads SevOne product marketing and alliance-marketing strategies for cloud, virtualization, and software defined everything. Brian joined SevOne with over 20 years experience in the network management and monitoring space at Novell and Cisco, where he focused primarily on product management, product marketing and strategic alliance efforts of early stage products for emerging technologies in enterprise and service provider markets. Brian believes in enabling customers and partners to integrate products and technologies via open APIs and interfaces to solve the individual customer needs, earning two US Patents (US06584507 and US 06957256) for Linking External Applications to a Network Management System.

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