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8 Nov

Providing Insights for the Connected World at NEXT16

Providing Insights for the Connected World at NEXT16

NEXT16, SevOne’s second annual conference, was a resounding success. Our three-day event was held in Washington D.C. and brought technologists together from all over the world to learn from each other and share the biggest challenges we’re facing today.

We listened to some of our most connected customers and partners discuss the initiatives they’re undertaking and shared how we’re working to support them. The common issues carriers, enterprises, and managed service providers are facing -- topics such as SD-WAN, hybrid cloud, and virtualization -- continues to drive our mission.

All of our customers need actionable insights to implement key strategies and initiatives to succeed in today’s connected world. We’ll post additional content and video interviews from the event in the coming weeks. But for now, here are the three biggest topics and takeaways customers discussed at NEXT16.

Achieving end-to-end network visibility has been a game changer.

Susan Calland, Senior Network Engineer for EA, is charged with ensuring 81 million unique users playing over 3.9 billion hours of games on various devices, networks and locations throughout the world have flawless connectivity. Her team implemented SevOne for a proactive approach after seeing the disconnect between alerting and incident management.

EA found it wasn’t able to alert off traditional baselining because user patterns just aren’t consistent enough. But being able to proactively manage their network with SevOne using capabilities we offer such slope alerting has given her team the ability to react quickly and manage more effectively.

We heard this time and time again throughout the conference -- SevOne users are finally able to see everything happening in their network and infrastructure with a single platform, enabling them to make intelligent business decisions almost instantaneously.

Our challenges are only getting more complex.

We heard speakers from F5, Wireless 20/20, RedHat, Forrester and Google all talk about the changes we need to make today to support the needs of tomorrow. As technologists work to incorporate SD-WAN, hybrid cloud, and virtualized components into their networks and infrastructures, they need to assure mission-critical performance at every turn.

SevOne’s ability to collect, analyze and visualize network and infrastructure performance data from any source provides these technologists the actionable insight they to compete and win in a connected world. We’re focused on four key pillars to match these needs:

  • Evolving our platform to keep pace with the changing data center
  • Universal collection to make sure we are not only able to gather data from all sources, but we can do so in many formats - whether it’s polled, streamed or sent in any other way
  • Providing more comprehensive analytics for intelligent decision-making
  • We’re creating a new reporting framework, SevOne RetinaVu, that we’ll cover in depth in a future post. This framework will shine the light on your data and make it easy to create and share reports with your team.

We are truly in the midst of a digital transformation.

You can’t deny the energy you feel when you bring over 150 technology enthusiasts into one room. Whether it was talking about the wins and challenges of today or tomorrow, there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of this industry. It became apparent as folks from all over the world huddled around demo stations to see SevOne in action and shared what they’re seeing in their own organizations that the world is changing rapidly and we’re on the frontlines. It was electrifying.

We’ll be sharing more from NEXT16, including photos, videos of presentations, and more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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