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3 Sep

Is the SDN Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Juniper Networks recently released a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Progress Report where more than half of those surveyed (53%) plan to adopt SDN, with 74% of those adopting doing so in the next year. 

SDN Glass of Water

Sounds like a glass half full, right?

Well, an early news report from Network World titled, “Half of surveyed US businesses shun SDNs” paints a different picture of the same study. Of the 400 IT decision makers surveyed, 47% have no plans to deploy SDNs.

What’s behind those numbers? It‘s concerns about cost, integration with existing systems and security:

SDN Blog Graph

So, we have one survey with at least a couple ways to interpret the data.

Let’s look a bit closer

However looking closer there’s one data point that can resonate with both the half-glass full and half-glass empty camps. 63% of those polled see dual deployment of SDN and traditional networks in the next five years.

So what does this mean? It means evolution.

It means “old” networks and “new “ networks will co-exist.

It means you’ll need a performance management system designed to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s.

If you are considering SDNs, it means performance management systems will need to:

  • collect performance data from all your physical and software-based sources.
  • integrate directly with SDN provisioning and control systems for real-time knowledge of network and network service deployment.
  • utilize APIs to share your network performance data with your network control systems for even more intelligent network placement decisions.

At SevOne we’re committed to working with our customers and their network performance management needs, whether their SDN glass is half-full or half-empty.

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