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12 Jun

SevOne Advances the Field of Log Analytics

Less than two months after our acquisition of RapidEngines, we are pleased to announce the launch of the industry’s first Performance Log Appliance. The SevOne Performance Log Appliance marries the structured data of traditional performance metrics with the unstructured data of raw performance logs.

The solution is a major step forward in the field of Log Analytics. The new technology eliminates the need for manual log searches of machine-generated data when troubleshooting performance issues, and instead extracts log data in real time and correlates it with data from our performance monitoring platform. With little to no configuration required, the SevOne Performance Log Appliance provides proactive alerts on potential network and data center performance issues.

Why do we think this new technology is so important? Because instead of expecting customers to isolate the cause of a problem or potential problem, the Performance Log Appliance lets you know not only when there’s an issue, but also why.

For example, consider a scenario where employees discover that they can’t make a VoIP call from a particular conference room. Using the traditional SevOne platform you can confirm that there is VoIP traffic in the room. However, only by drilling into the associated logs can you determine that the problem is caused by a misconfiguration of the firewall settings.

Feature benefits of the SevOne PLA include:

  • First occurrence alerts – receive an automatic alert any time a unique log appears for the first time in your environment
  • Baseline deviation alerts – receive proactive notification when log data indicates an abnormal situation in your environment, such as a spike in failed user logins
  • Raw log history – maintain 180 days of uncompressed, raw log data for forensics search and drill down in reports
  • Drag and drop – avoid complex written search queries in favor of drag and drop simplicity… with the same results
  • Time savings – view integrated reports of performance metrics and log data that save you time during security and compliance audits
  • Best practices – incorporate best practice (ITIL) and compliance regulations (PCI, FISMA, NERC) for a better IT operations management toolkit
  • Speed of log visualization – gain real-time access to visualizations of log data, with the ability to cost effectively scale your log performance management solution

We’re not the only ones who think the Performance Log Appliance is a big deal. Jim Frey, Vice President of Research for Enterprise Management Associates, said before our product launch that “SevOne will be the first to truly integrate log data into an enterprise-class, carrier-grade performance management system.” We’re happy to prove him right.

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