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15 Oct

SevOne and ACS - From Customer to Strategic Partner

ACS Logo in Red and Black

ACS, a Xerox Company, recently held their annual ACS ITO Client Symposium in Orlando, Florida. This is their largest client event and traditionally it was just for their ITO clients – it was expanded this year to include BPO and Xerox clients. SevOne was one of several partners featured in the ITO CTO booth at the conference, providing us the opportunity to interact face-to-face with hundreds of ACS clients at the C-level, and give a short presentation on our relationship with ACS ITO.

Bill Conners, our SVP of Sales is pictured on the left by the wall of partners. While we originally sold to ACS as a customer in 2008, Bill has progressed the relationship to that of a true strategic partnership. ACS is using SevOne as their network performance solution to monitor over 10,000 devices and 4000 interfaces to assure service delivery for over 100 ACS ITO clients. We help them win new business because they can offer superior service levels, including providing their clients a portal to their own performance reports. Further, we enabled the ITO team to reduce their operations costs and implement efficiency improvements as they onboard new clients that have saved them over 50% per year vs. their legacy systems.

Rather than have me hype our relationship with ACS ITO, you can hear it directly from them in a recent joint webinar, How an MSP Improved Service Offerings and Reduced Operational Costs. In this webinar, Blair Sanders, Director of Product Management for ACS ITO, described how ACS consolidated three legacy monitoring tools into the all-in-one SevOne Performance Appliance Solution and saved 40% on direct administration labor cost in addition to eliminating the higher legacy tools maintenance costs. Their service improvements included being able to reduce ad-hoc report requests by enabling direct access for clients, business unit leaders, and engineers; and improved monitoring of network devices for performance and availability. Since SevOne is delivered as an all-in-one appliance for multi-tenant environments, ACS was able to reduce their customer on-boarding process from months to weeks and gain economies of scale.

A key theme at the ACS ITO symposium was their new ACS Enterprise Cloud. More on that in a future blog post as we work to extending beyond the network in ITO to become their cloud monitoring platform.


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