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4 May

SevOne and Red Hat Deliver a Powerful New NFV Solution with Service Assurance

SevOne together with Red Hat today unveiled a powerful new solution that the two companies collaborated on to bring to market. It’s a network functions virtualization (NFV) and service assurance solution that’s designed to enable communications service providers to implement and operate an NFV-based infrastructure with the benefit of full visibility of and insight into their virtualized services and the cloud infrastructures on which they run. 

In addition to meeting CSPs’ rigorous performance and reliability requirements, the new SevOne/Red Hat solution enables them to achieve greater business efficiency, increased agility, and lower operating costs.

Solution Specifics

The new solution blends two functional areas for which the companies are recognized leaders in their respective markets. It leverages the advanced virtualization of network functions delivered by Red Hat’s NFV solution that helps CSPs to compete more effectively by bringing innovative and differentiated services to market more quickly and efficiently. SevOne adds the automation of assurance, performance and insight into the virtual network services being delivered.  For CSPs’ customers, this combined functionality translates into to reduced downtime, and increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Unparalleled Visibility and Assurance

Leveraging the SevOne Platform’s capabilities, the solution can automatically assure both the virtualized network functions deployed by Red Hat NFV-based implementations and the infrastructure on which it runs. By monitoring each layer of an NFV architecture, the solution can detect when new virtual network functions are deployed and where they are running on a Red Hat OpenStack Platform-based infrastructure.  That enables automated NFV assurance powered by the SevOne platform to:

  • Acquire – Proven scalability to meet the needs of the world’s largest CSPs to collect the broad range metric, flow, log and meta data from all layers of the virtual and physical NFV infrastructure
  • Analyze – Real-time analytics with automated base lining and anomaly detection to reduce service delivery risk
  • Automate – Enable a self-driving, on-demand service assurance system from a cloud platform based on open and extensible APIs

This solution is a prime example of what can happen when two innovative market leaders decide to team up to solve a major customer challenge. This combined solution will help CSPs gain the agility and new efficiencies they need to transition their business models, differentiate their offerings, boost revenues, and improve subscriber satisfaction.  

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