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4 Mar

SevOne at the Center of Technology- Data Centre World 2011

Two IT Professionals Examining a Server Room

SevOne's EMEA Manager of Systems Engineering, Nicholas Reid, attended the 2011 Data Centre World exhibition and conference, the UK's largest and fastest growing event for data center managers, IT professionals and channel partners. Nic was there as more than just an interested attendee - he was selected to present on network performance monitoring in the data center in the IT and Management theatre. He was in good company, with the likes of Microsoft and Capgemini espousing on the same stage over the course of the two day event.

With technologies like virtualization and cloud computing dominating the data center discussion, there has never been a better time to explore performance monitoring and management. The data center is evolving at an alarming rate due to these technologies and with so much development taking place, it would be all too easy to let performance slip.

In increasingly complex data center environments, it is not enough to know when a fault occurred; you must also know when services are performing at subpar levels. Therefore your data center performance management platform must have the following key attributes for network performance management. First and foremost, a comprehensive and consolidated view across the technologies supporting the data center allowing teams to understand at which layer service impacting performance issues are occurring. To provide this, the solution must also be able to easily support existing and newer methods of data collection, including: SNMP, JMX, XML, NetFlow, NBAR, and IP SLA. Then to be able to gather key performance indicators at granular polling intervals (even down to the second), enabling extremely accurate baselines of behavior with dynamic thresholds to allow wide and real-time visibility, at scale.

Finally, utilize a distributed architecture that eliminates single points of failure, that can scale in terms of the number of supported elements without performance degradation, and has open APIs to integrate with existing management systems to preserve current investments. All of which results in a lower total cost of ownership.

All of these reasons show why it has never been more important to discuss performance monitoring within the data center. In order to be successful, an application-aware network performance monitoring solution must respond to the current and emerging challenges associated with managing infrastructure and application performance.

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