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27 Apr

SevOne Ensured Network Visibility for the 2012 Russian Election

Russia's St. Basil's Cathedral at Day

As Russia has transitioned to democracy, allegations of election fraud have been commonplace. For the highly-visible 2012 presidential election, the Russian government decided to prove its legitimacy both within the country and to the rest of the world. The government authorized and funded the deployment of about 200,000 cameras in approximately 90,000 polling stations to make the 2012 elections public.

Rostelecom, Russia's leading long-distance telephony provider, deployed the network and server infrastructure necessary to capture the 400,000 gigabytes of live streaming video, route each camera's output to one of seven central data centers, and make any video available for viewing by any interested party, including internet users of an election portal.

In order to stream all of the videos… seamlessly, Rostelecom needed a solution that could massively scale, and provided complete and real-time visibility of network transaction performance. It was absolutely imperative that Rostelecom pulled off this enormous task without a hitch. Insufficient capacity, data loss, error, or latency would compromise the streaming video project and put the discussion of election fraud back on the table.

SevOne deployed virtualized machine (VM) versions of its network performance management solution at each data center. The solution provided total visibility for border and internal data center routers, as well as traffic flow collection across several hundred interfaces. The flow collection enabled Rostelecom to get deeper insight into actual camera connections and the quality of the streaming service in terms of bandwidth for the “last mile,” provided by third-party regional telecom companies.

The VMs were deployed and delivering information in just two days. The average report on 20,000+ connections took only seconds – unmatched statistics in the global telecom industry, particularly given the scope, deadline, and visibility of the project.

More than 3.5 million hits took place on the election video portal. Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) representative Tadeusz Iwinski called the use of webcams at Russian polling stations, “a global scale phenomenon.” As noted in the Wall Street Journal's Emerging Europe blog, Vladimir Churov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia, even suggested that the Web-monitoring system should be used for the upcoming U.S. presidential election this November.

Mike Phelan, our CEO, said, “We are very honored and proud to have been a part of groundbreaking effort with Rostelecom, which could change how elections are conducted worldwide. Deploying SevOne for this highly visible project in less than a week speaks volumes about faster time-to-value, and the breadth and scale of our network performance management solution. We believe there are many other scenarios where large amounts of information must be collected and delivered in real-time, and SevOne has unequivocally proven that we can be an integral element of the solution.”

Vess Bakalov is SVP and CTO for SevOne.

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