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29 Sep

SevOne Featured as One of Six Worth Watching

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Following up from CEO Mike Phelan's post on SevOne Competing with the Gorillas the interview with Dow Jones Investment Banker has now published. SevOne was featured in the article "When Consolidation Fosters Innovation Among Start-Ups" as one of 'Six Worth Watching.'

According to the article, “SevOne's products identify, analyze, document and report on problems in customers' networks. Mike Phelan says our competitors' offerings "are often actually a different product for each step in the process." In many cases, the parts were picked up in separate acquisitions. The messy genealogy of the big vendors' products, along with the very fact that they are often part of a much larger product suite, leads to two problems for buyers: cumbersome upgrade paths and difficulty scaling up. "We deliver new capabilities a little at a time, but very frequently," says Phelan, and when customers are looking to grow, scaling up to manage a bigger network is simple."

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