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3 Nov

SevOne Helping Guarantee Network Speed and Reliability for Bell Mobility!

Bell Mobility Chooses SevOne

71,000 tests were run in 3 cities – Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver – on five networks. And Bell Mobility won.

The testing was, “…a six-tiered system focusing on overall performance (a combination of latency and average speed), top data speeds, reliability, call quality, data consistency (LTE vs. 3G), and SMS delivery speed.” RootMetrics, a firm based in Washington, did the study independently. It concentrated on mobile performance, and assembled a root score for each of the 5 carriers that participated in each city.

RootMetrics bought phones from each carrier and “…tested them identically.”

Bell Mobility – a SevOne customer, came out on top in Toronto and Montreal and second in Vancouver.

Overall, Bell Mobility won out for speed and reliability. Read the full report here.

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