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5 Apr

SevOne Introduces End User Experience Appliance


Picture this: You’re about to purchase a car at the dealership. You log in to your mobile banking application to check your account balance, only to find out that the banking application is temporarily unavailable. You’re extremely disappointed, and so are thousands of other banking customers who can’t receive the information they need when they need it.

This doesn’t bode well for the bank, whose reputation is on the line. Customers might give up on this bank if the mobile app is often unavailable.

In this mobile economy, it’s critical for businesses to understand what their end users are experiencing any time, all the time – whether that application or service is hosted on premise, across a WAN infrastructure, in a hybrid cloud or delivered by a provider.

That’s why SevOne has introduced the SevOne End User Experience Appliance, an extension of the SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform that provides insights and analytics from the user perspective.

This release will enable Operations and IT teams to easily measure actual application and service performance, and directly correlate it to the network and digital infrastructure that’s responsible for delivering it.

A leading wireless cell phone carrier recently deployed the End User Experience Appliance to monitor user experience at locations across the United States.

The mobile service provider set up these end user experience devices to synthetically test how users are reaching the 50 most popular applications – including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu and others – used on their network. Spread out geographically, these devices tested response times and more.

For this carrier, the End User Experience Appliance has easily identified bottlenecks and degredated service along all routes of the network by monitoring every hop taken along the path. This carrier now has a detailed and granular view of the connection, and how users access particular applications through the network.

These business insights are critical. The ability to detect and rapidly resolve problems with these applications and services can mean the difference of millions of users, dollars in revenue, or hours in productivity.

Whether you’re looking to measure over Wi-Fi access points to local or remote servers, over the mobile infrastructure, over VPN to remote offices, or over the Internet to web applications and into Cloud services, the SevOne End User Experience Appliance allows you to gather and integrate this data with other metric, flow and log data, as part of your SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform.

For more information, download our free Whitepaper, “Real World Use Cases for End User Experience Monitoring,” and visit our End User Experience Appliance web page.

Written by Brian Promes
VP of Product Marketing

Brian leads SevOne product marketing and alliance-marketing strategies for cloud, virtualization, and software defined everything. Brian joined SevOne with over 20 years experience in the network management and monitoring space at Novell and Cisco, where he focused primarily on product management, product marketing and strategic alliance efforts of early stage products for emerging technologies in enterprise and service provider markets. Brian believes in enabling customers and partners to integrate products and technologies via open APIs and interfaces to solve the individual customer needs, earning two US Patents (US06584507 and US 06957256) for Linking External Applications to a Network Management System.

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