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26 Jun

SevOne Launches SevConnect

SevOne Logo in the Middle of a Server Room

A couple of weeks ago, SevOne reached a significant milestone. We launched our new user community - SevConnect. This user community is near and dear to my heart. SevConnect is a great resource for everyone who touches SevOne, from users of our downloadable software to our existing customers. You can ask questions online, and get rapid responses from myself or other SevConnect users.

This is a great place to find quick troubleshooting help, but also where you can connect with other users of the SevOne product. A place where you can share the ways you're using SevOne and bounce ideas off of other SevOne users about your implementation and use of the product.Along with the launch of SevConnect came SevOne - the Free Downloadable Version. Yes, I see your smiles! You can install the free VM with SevOne at your home or office today and play with the latest and greatest features. With a license capacity of 1000 elements you can use it to monitor your NetFlow traffic, create alerts to notify you of system trouble with your servers or even make customized daily reports that are emailed to you. The entire range of things you can do in SevOne is at your fingertips with this free downloadable version.

I hope to see you on SevConnect soon!!!

J.R. Teagle is Community Manager for SevOne.

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