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14 Aug

SevOne Launches SevOne Connect, a New User Portal

More Than 1000 Device Configurations

SevOne’s vision for the future includes a community space where users can collaborate, download tools and learn from one another.

That vision became a reality today as SevOne launched SevOne Connect, a customer portal where users can search and download both SevOne and crowd-sourced device profiles, which can be inserted into your SevOne appliances.

Users can browse and search the library of more than 1,000 existing device profiles or make a request themselves for something that hasn’t yet been uploaded. Users can also create their own content and share it with the rest of the community. Additionally, users can engage socially with other users by following others, creating lists, sending messages, and rating and commenting on device profiles and application keys.

SevOne leaders believe this portal can become an industry source of truth, and hope to see it grow into a truly interactive forum where users share device certifications, tips and tricks.

The ability to upload, download and share device keys is paramount to SevOne Connect.

Currently, when a customer contacts SevOne asking to add a new device for SNMP monitoring, the process takes 10 days or less. Customers call up the account team or the support team and request for their device to be certified. A SevOne employee will request SNMP data, MIB information and what data the customer needs to monitor. It may take a few days to go back and forth with the customer to ready the device for monitoring – though this is still much faster than other vendors, who may take six months or more to provide SNMP certifications for new devices.

Now, through SevOne Connect, customers can get their devices certified to monitor and pull metrics even faster. With navigable drop down menus, customers can make a request for a device to be certified easily through the portal. The customer can login, make the request, and ask questions regarding the process to the person who is actually working on the customer’s device certification, not someone in support or elsewhere. And once a certification is complete, it’s listed on the website.

Additionally, if a customer uses the SevOne Performance Log Appliance (PLA) for log analytics, they can request an app key on the website to collect log data from a new device or application not already certified.

SevOne Connect highlights SevOne’s drive and commitment to foster improved user relations.

This fall, SevOne is also hosting its first-ever user conference, NEXT 15 | Innovation at Scale. The two-day conference – which will be held at the University of Delaware on October 21 and 22 – will feature keynotes, SevOne sessions, customer sessions, SevOne training, meals, a welcome reception, a networking cocktail hour and a gala event.

Customers and SevOne users – from beginner to advanced – are encouraged to attend this inaugural event where we’ll share the company vision and roadmaps, share best practices among our customers, create community relationships between our customers, access product training, and, of course, have fun.

Registration is now open! A detailed schedule, pricing, travel details, contact information and more is available on the NEXT 15 | Innovation at Scale website.

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