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9 Sep

SevOne Leads the Way in Virtualized Performance Monitoring

SevOne Leads the Way in Virtualized Performance Monitoring

The SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (PAS) – an all-in-one appliance for monitoring, troubleshooting and planning capacity needs of your digital infrastructure – just got more powerful.

SevOne recently announced the addition of a higher capacity Virtual Performance Appliance Solution. The new SevOne vPAS100K is in response to customers increasingly moving toward highly virtualized infrastructures. Many of these customers have a desire to virtualize the monitoring platform, as well.

SevOne’s PAS continues to be today’s fastest, most scalable infrastructure monitoring platform. Each physical appliance can monitor up to 200,000 objects. When peered with multiple appliances in a SevOne Cluster™, SevOne can monitor the performance of millions of objects in near real-time.

By offering a high capacity virtual appliance, SevOne retains full control of all components and can dictate what resources are available. In a traditional application, the application is at the mercy of the OS it runs on and other competing priorities that the OS may deal with.

Back in the mid-2000s, virtualization was the great buzz word – just like SDN is today. But nobody had quite figured out how to really utilize it to make it useful beyond an education experiment.

Previously, hardware was lagging behind the curve so much that SevOne was always looking to find the best performing hardware at the most competitive price. Fast forward to 2015 – hardware is now far ahead of the curve and virtualization has become so good that the overhead it creates is minimal.

Here are the six most significant benefits for using a virtual appliance over a physical one:

  • Hardware refreshes become very simple – just add another host to the virtual infrastructure, motion your virtual appliances to the new host, and retire the old host.
  • Disaster recovery becomes much easier to solve. Virtual infrastructure can be backed up much more efficiently than physical systems. It's possible to "snapshot" a virtual machine and archive it on a regular basis with very little impact.
  • Resource adjustments become very easy. Need more CPU or memory? Just simply assign more of those resources to the virtual appliance and do a quick restart of the VM.
  • Moving virtual appliances around is very easy to do. Traditionally, if you had a physical appliance and you moved it from datacenter A to B, you had to plan to move it in great detail to minimize the effect. In a virtualized environment, you simply install a new host in the data center, motion your virtual infrastructure to the new host, and retire the old one.
  • Storage for virtual environments can be centralized or distributed. That usually means that a lot more space is available for SevOne's virtual appliances to consume. Many customers like the idea of being able to keep data for many years, which is more feasible in SAN attached virtual clusters.
  • If you need more capacity in your SevOne cluster, you can simply spin up another virtual appliance, license it and cluster it. Then you can be off and running in less than an hour.

Although SevOne continues to see a strong preference for physical appliances, more and more customers are demanding virtual. The recent introduction of the vPAS100K will help accelerate the demand for virtual appliances moving forward, as customers can now quickly deploy massive installations of SevOne while keeping the number of virtual instances.

One SevOne customer today runs more than 200 virtual appliances in a single cluster for monitoring their infrastructure performance!

A SevOne virtual cluster can also be designed to add capacity by simply pushing a button in the customer's provisioning system. A few minutes later, a new virtual instance is spun up, assigned IP space, configured and clustered with the existing cluster – all automatically through APIs.

Welcome to the future. It's here today.

For more on the SevOne's Performance Appliance Solution, visit the datasheet  – "A Single Dashboard for Integrated Metrics, Flows and Logs."

Written by Glen Schermerhorn
Vice President of Global Services

Glen Schermerhorn joined SevOne as Vice President of Global Services in October of 2017. Prior to SevOne, Glen worked to build out services sales for RoundTower, a systems integrator specializing in private and public cloud technologies. 

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