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29 Oct

SevOne Named One of 10 Finalists in 2015 Small Business Innovator of the Year Awards

SevOne named one of 10 finalists in 2015 Small Business Innovator Of The Year Awards

SevOne’s co-founders started the business in a garage behind Main Street at the University of Delaware. Now, 10 years later, Vess and Tanya Bakalov have been named as one of 10 finalists in USA TODAY’s 2015 Small Business Innovator Of The Year Awards.

It’s been an exciting 10 years in the industry, and SevOne’s scalability is what customers need as we look into the future. This recognition highlights both the strength of SevOne for its end-to-end infrastructure monitoring platform and the “culture of awesome” that Vess and Tanya have created. 

Be sure to read the full article here and we’ll be watching to see who is named the winner in December. Congratulations to all who have made SevOne such an innovative and awesome place to work! 

Written by Caitlin Davis
Content Writer, SevOne

Caitlin Davis joined SevOne in October 2015 as a content marketing writer. She spends her days covering top trends in the technology space for SevOne's content marketing efforts as well as managing SevOne's social media channels. Prior to SevOne, Caitlin was the Digital & Social Media Manager for a tech startup and a Senior Editor at a public relations firm.

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