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15 Apr

SevOne Welcomes RapidEngines

After months of discovering just how well our technologies work together, we are pleased to welcome the RapidEngines team to SevOne. As announced last week, we have acquired RapidEngines and will officially combine the company’s log analytics software with our own performance management platform.

The founders of RapidEngines are veterans of the log analytics space. The same team founded LogLogic back in 2002, which offered a solution for indexing and analyzing log data largely through relational databases. LogLogic sold to TIBCO Software in 2012, and the team decided to tackle another challenge in the log analytics field.

RapidEngines goes a step beyond LogLogic with a specialized technology for indexing both structured and unstructured data. The combination enables more complex analytics including alerts when there is an anomalous trend in activity, or when a previously-unseen event occurs for the first time. If a new error code pops up after a router reboot, for example, the RapidEngines system lets you know.

Much of what the RapidEngines team has built is similar to SevOne’s own approach to performance metrics. By baselining activity and setting notification rules and alerts, both companies provide actionable information for customers who need to maintain operational efficiency and a high level of performance.

We’re happy to welcome the RapidEngines team on board with SevOne today.

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