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1 Feb

SevOne’s 2016 Product Roadmap Vision

SevOne's 2016 Product Roadmap Vision

Now that the holidays and the New Year’s surge have passed, I finally have time to share our vision for SevOne’s 2016 product roadmap.

I’m a big believer in the mantra "figure out what you want, write it down, make a plan, and work on it everyday.” This mantra applies to most things in life and it truly encapsulates what a product roadmap is all about – after all, if you don't know your destination, how the heck are you going to get there?

I seem to have a knack for remembering many small details. I can tell you who made the key block to win the high school football game and the product pivot we made on Aug. 19, 1999. I can even close my eyes and see the ball flight of Adam Vinatieri’s 45-yard field goal kick during the 2002 ‘Snow Bowl’ (what a knuckler). 

I’ve been thinking a lot about product roadmaps and I don’t remember when, how, or why I started doing them. I do know that over the years, I’ve created many, presented even more, and even executed on some.

So here it is: SevOne’s product roadmap vision for 2016. For those of you that don’t know, a roadmap illustrates the journey the product is likely to take and highlights the evolution through additional features and functionality over time. As a caveat, this is what we hope to accomplish in the coming year, but as with everything, there are no guarantees. 

Let’s start with some basics:

  • SevOne practices an agile product development methodology with one very basic tenant: release early and often. I’m fairly new here at SevOne and there has been much debate about what is the right cadence to push product releases that make the most sense for our customers and our team. We have settled on trimester releases, equating to three per year. The industry, in general, tends to move quarterly, and in the case of cloud services, much more frequently. I expect SevOne will move in this direction as well, but right now we are balancing innovation and the need to upgrade.
  • We have three major releases on our calendar in 2016, detailed below. For those that are scratching their heads, these are names of three Bulgarian Rivers. The names were chosen in homage to our Bulgarian background (note: it was not the founders who picked the naming).
  • Code name: Batova, projected to release in early 2016
  • Code name: Danube, projected to release in mid 2016
  • Code name: Erma, projected to release at the end of 2016

Here is what we hope to see happen in 2016:

  • Consumable Big Data: SevOne is known for speed at scale. We can capture data from any device – all of your digital infrastructure, including IoT sensors. We are even better at crunching data in real time. Many make references to Big Data, but at SevOne, it's reality. We can collect a million data points from sensors, networks, you name it, in a couple of seconds. In 2016, we will make a major push to make that mountain of data more consumable and scalable to give you the actionable intelligence you need at your fingertips.
  • SevApps: Apps are all the rage, and often the simplest concepts are the most powerful. If you wanted to solve a problem 10 years ago, you often had to acquire a piece of software to do it. It may have even involved a trip to Best Buy – overall, a pretty complex task. Today, on-demand software helps you solve complex tasks faster than ever. If you want a ride into town, just follow a few steps – download Uber on your phone, open the app, and request a car. In just a few taps – which takes seconds – a car is ready to whisk you off to your destination. That used to be the stuff of science fiction, but it’s today’s reality. We’re focusing on unlocking the same time to value proposition with SevOne. If you have worked with the SevOne Professional Services team, you know these guys rock. The amount of domain knowledge that they have is amazing and it’s locked away in their heads like the software at Best Buy at 11 p.m. We want to unlock that knowledge and enable crowdsourcing among SevOne users. SevApps will be easy to create, share, and load into your SevOne platform, and will be focused on very domain-specific use cases.
  • Digital Infrastructure: Software-defined networking (SDN) is everywhere. In fact, I think I heard someone talking about a Software Defined Refrigerator (OK, I made that up but I’m tempted to Google it to see if it’s a thing). SDN, NFV, and the software-defined digital infrastructure have many well-publicized benefits, but no one is talking about the challenges. With dynamic infrastructure comes the challenge of visibility. It’s like playing hide and seek with your network or servers (hey! where did that server go?). It’s hard enough to keep tabs on things that are static – what if they change hour-to-hour or minute-to-minute? SevOne is investing in SDN and digital infrastructure and engaging with Light House accounts to solve tomorrow’s problems today.
  • Connect Community: We recently launched the SevOne Connect Community ( Like any community, it’s only as valuable as the contributions of its members. There needs to be value to drive people to utilize the tool, and users need to feel like they belong to contribute. We are working to make it more valuable, by bringing more offerings like SevApps and other tools. The other thing that SevOne Connect members will find valuable this year is the addition our xStats SDK to our product portfolio. For those that don’t know, xStats is our interface for importing file-based data from many vendors’ products. In the past, our ProServ team created these adapters individually along with a few “productized” ones. In 2016, we will launch an SDK that will enable anyone to create xStats Adapters, as well as upload and share them within the community.

Wow, that is an ambitious plan! My parents taught me this about shooting for the stars: If you don’t have ambitious plans, you will likely settle for mediocrity.

We don’t settle for mediocrity at SevOne and I truly hope that I can look back at this list a year from now and check off these boxes and more (I do love to check boxes). Have a great year and stay tuned for updates on SevOne’s product roadmap.

Written by Tony Lapolito
As Vice President of Product Management, Tony Lapolito is responsible for overseeing SevOne’s product roadmap to ensure customer needs are translated into the product portfolio. Tony is passionate about identifying key markets and customer issues, and uses that knowledge to create product strategy solutions to solve business problems. Prior to SevOne, Tony spent over 20 years in the telecommunications industry in various roles.

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