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21 Dec

SevOne’s CTO Vess Bakalov looks to 2016

SevOne's Vess Bakalov and governor Jack Markell

With 2015 quickly coming to a close, we sat down with Vess Bakalov – SevOne’s founder and CTO – to ask about SevOne’s biggest successes in 2015, and what’s on tap for 2016.

SevOne: What was the biggest way SevOne showed leadership in the digital infrastructure monitoring industry this year?

Vess Bakalov: We are continuing to look at SDN and NFV as the technologies driving the industry’s agenda. SDN and NFV are giving our industry a lot more flexibility in how we deploy and provision.

We’re on the forefront of working with various vendors and partners to create a single view across the most complex, evolving infrastructure in the world.

Ranging from 4G LTE wireless to the virtualized enterprise, we’re working closely with SDN and NFV vendors to provide context-aware solutions that can give you a comprehensive view across topology. We’ve been doing a lot of work to make our solution topology-aware.

S1: What are you excited about in 2016, and what does SevOne plan to deliver?

VB: The main thing for us in 2016 is analytics. In 2015, we got our arms around data collection from new data sources. We’re interested in data collection, metadata collection and the business things that are connected to each of these entities.

We have an opportunity to apply analytics that are business-aware, a new type of analytics and visualization. This will be valuable, actionable data that we’ve created.

S1: What’s the IoT’s role in 2016?

VB: The Internet of Things is definitely beginning to find its feet, and there is an increased focus on standardization. It’s about getting the industry in line to drive massive growth.

This is another place where having contextual data – and knowing what it means – is crucial. This will allow us to be more actionable.

If you’re home is solar powered through the IoT, you can set a limited plan for daytime use and a more aggressive regime at night when you are using the stored resources. Some context awareness is very important.

The drive in 2016 will be for analytics and for new ways to explore and monetize the influx of IoT devices and data.

For more on Vess’ 2016 predictions and insight, read our blog about the recent #AskVess Twitter chat that he moderated. Read “The future of IoT, SDN, and SevOne” here.

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