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14 Mar

The Sky is Clearer without Cloud(s) Performance Management Takeaways from CeBIT 2012

Blue Skies with Clouds and a Green Pasture

CeBIT is known as the largest IT show in the world. If you doubt it, the square footage of the show floor alone will convince you of that. For those of you who have been to Cisco Live, or any of the other industry focused trade shows, you’re used to an exhibit the size of one or two football fields. CeBIT on the other hand, housed at the Hannover, Germany Expo Grounds, is larger by a magnitude. One pavilion at the exhibit is the size of two to three football fields, with the entire event encompassing twenty some pavilions.

If that’s not enough to spark your awe, think about the average size exhibit at the traditional shows you might have been to. Most exhibits are 20 feet by 20 feet or 30 feet by 30 feet, sometimes 50 feet by 50 feet for those big spenders that spring for platinum sponsorship. At CeBIT, those sizes are common too, but if you are Intel, Microsoft, IBM, or even Huawei, you tend to rent half or sometimes even a whole pavilion. Imagine exhibits starting at 200 by 200 feet, and some as large as 300 by 600 feet. That’s not all, add in double story exhibits with free full service cafes and bars, popcorn machines, lounges, live bands, and meeting facilities and we’ve reached the magnificence that CeBIT embodies.

SevOne attended CeBit with our partner Telonic. Our booth was located in Hall 13, Stand E 19. Telonic won SevOne Partner of the Year Award for 2011 at our EMEA Partner Summit in January. While our stand was small by comparison, the setup was appealing, and designed to encourage those who were seriously interested in learning about SevOne to stick around. CeBIT is more of a sit and talk type of show where most booths, like Telonic’s, sport comfortable chairs and tables. Furthermore, in order to facilitate conversation, most booths offer drinks ranging from coffee during the day to alcoholic beverages towards the late afternoon and evening.

The most interesting take away from the show, besides a good helping of new contacts, is the overall uncertainty of what 'cloud computing' ultimately means. The comment that resonated most with me was, “The sky is clearer without cloud(s),” which invokes further thought into the many concerns and fears that cloud computing brings. The most often quoted reason for lack of cloud adoption is loss of control over your infrastructure and service delivery. Which arguably, if you are like most companies that rely on services most frequently outsourced to the cloud such as CRM, email and file storage, cloud computing is a very scary proposition.

SevOne can help address this fear in two ways. First, we can help you monitor the performance of those resources over which you do have control, i.e. your networking components and internet connectivity that facilitate cloud services. SevOne is also able to monitor cloud service responsiveness, DNS resolution, and service utilization via Flow analysis. Second, SevOne can help you build a justification, either for or against cloud adoption, by proactively baselining performance of current in-house applications such as mail and file services. The decision on whether or not to adopt cloud services will have to be made by each company.

Additionally, SevOne already monitors the networks and services offered by some of the premiere US based cloud providers like Xerox Services. As a potential consumer, you must demand the best service quality assurance by asking for SevOne based-monitoring in your provider’s cloud. 'Cloud' is still an emerging concept, and every customer that chooses cloud now can have an impact on the quality of service as well as the visibility into that quality.

CeBIT 2012 might be over, but there are many more events around the globe where you’ll be able to learn about SevOne’s unique performance management solution, a blog from a few weeks back, March Madness: Effective Performance Monitoring across the Globe highlights all of SevOne's whereabouts during the month of March.

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