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18 Aug

Takeaways From the F5 Agility 2015 Conference

Takeaways From the F5 Agility 2015 Conference

SevOne recently hit the road and took part in the F5 Agility 2015 conference, which took place August 4 to 6 in National Harbor, Maryland.

The goal – to showcase what SevOne can do for customers by removing visibility gaps when it comes to monitoring the health of their infrastructures.

SevOne – a silver sponsor at this year's event – collects data from the entire line of F5 BIG-IP ® products. SevOne delivers a comprehensive view of performance by leveraging SNMP, sFlow, syslog, and the iControl ® API and automatically baselines all F5 performance KPIs collected.

At the event, SevOne System Engineer Phill Ingram demonstrated how the SevOne solution handles a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. He exhibited the attack, which was visible on the SevOne dashboard, and clicked through, displaying the forensic capabilities of the platform to isolate the issue. (For more information, check out our new Executive Brief on Detecting DDoS Attacks with Infrastructure Monitoring)

Tom Grabowski, SevOne's Log Analytics Product Manager, showcased what our Performance Log Appliance (PLA) is capable of.

“It was a great show for me, because I got a lot of good feedback and was able to listen for feedback during the demo,” Grabowski said. “Generally, attendees didn’t know SevOne could monitor F5 infrastructure and wanted to learn more. I queried everyone I talked to about how they correlate their metrics, flows and logs today. Most answered that it has been a difficult, manual process because they use various vendors and tools. Everyone understood the value of integrating the information, and our click-through demo was a great example.”

For more information on how to monitoring metrics, flow and logs read SevOne's datasheet, "Performance Appliance Solution: A Single Dashboard for Integrated Metrics, Flows, and Logs"

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