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3 Nov

Top 3 Items You Must Read Before TM Forum Management World Americas

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Bandwidth demands for MSOs and wireless carriers continue to increase at phenomenal rates. Monitoring the performance of IP/Ethernet based backhaul infrastructure is critical to successfully delivering the levels of service customers demand. We have covered Ethernet backhaul on our blog many times in the past and it's top of mind for us again right now as we prep for our participation at TM Forum Management World Americas next week. We will have our experts at our booth giving live demonstrations of our 4G LTE, IMS and Ethernet backhaul network performance management solution.

Click the links below to view the most recent information we have published on EBH:

1. Putting Performance Visibility into Ethernet Backhaul - Winning and Losing- a blog post about why network performance is key for successful ethernet backhaul.

2. Performance Management, a Must Have for Delivering Ethernet Backhaul - this blog post will give you some of the key statistics from people who know their stuff. All of the details on why you need performance management if you are rolling out Ethernet Backhaul.

3. Ethernet Backhaul Solution Datasheet - this datasheet gives details on SevOne's Ethernet Backhaul Solution.

If you want even more information check out this SevOne Whiteboard Video - Performance Monitoring of Carrier/Metro Ethernet Backhaul

We look forward to engaging with you and discussing why 4 out of the 5 top cable companies and one of the largest wireless carriers in North America chose SevOne.

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