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19 Sep

Top Takeaways from the HubSpot User Group Summit 2011 #HUGS2011

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If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that we like to write about different events that we attend. While most of these events focus around industries that we target and where we go to meet industry professionals and pitch SevOne to a large audience, the one I am blogging on today is all about Marketing.

You don't hear much about the SevOne Marketing team but I am here to tell you that we are a lean team of six! We all work under the direction of Mike Miracle, our CMO, who you see authoring many of these blog posts. Mike (and the SevOne executive team) provides us the opportunity to participate in events (both online and in person) that help us learn and expand our areas of expertise. One of my areas of responsibility at SevOne is the web – both and so it made sense for us to attend the largest-ever, global gathering of inbound marketers at HUGS2011. This was the place to be if you work in Marketing and run a website!

HUGS2011 is not what it sounds. We weren't there to hug other marketers! It actually stands for the HubSpot User Group Summit 2011. The event took place in Boston and over 1000 people like us were in attendance. If you have never heard of HubSpot, they are an inbound marketing company used by more than 5000 customers. They do a lot of "stuff", way too much to post here but I will say that we use them for a variety of reasons, including optimizing our website, and running this blog that you are reading right now!

HUGS kicked off on Thursday with a networking reception, followed by an all day event on Friday. The event was all about learning the tools and tricks of HubSpot software to get found, generate more website traffic and ultimately get more leads. We were also able to talk to members of the HubSpot product team and developers to provide our feedback which is something we also like to do with our own customers.

So as you can see, I really thought the event was worthwhile. I thought I would close with a few quick takeaways:

- All the people with brilliant marketing minds work at HubSpot so if you want to get in front of people who know the business inside and out and ask questions, this is the place to be.

- The marketing industry is nothing like it used to be and things are happening so fast. Companies need to be different these days and stop analyzing the competition. Take a risk and try something new. - Experiment and measure is the best way to go about a marketing project.

- No one likes to be sold to so we need to think in terms of B2H (h is for human) and not B2B since we are in fact marketing to real people on the other end.

Thank you HubSpot for a great event! We are very much looking forward to putting our knowledge into action here at SevOne.

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