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26 May

Using Pre- and Post-Change Analyses to Improve Your Business

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When network operators invest in a larger pipe, they don’t expect certain aspects of network performance to worsen. But that’s exactly what happened to some carriers we recently spoke to. After increasing their backhaul capacity, they saw more hops and increased latency for certain traffic. It was hardly the desired outcome. But by conducting a pre- and post-change analysis of their backhaul performance, they were able to identify the issue and deal with it.

Enterprise and Service Provider organizations expect infrastructure monitoring solutions to drive bottom line improvement. We’re all familiar with the common ways in which performance monitoring does this. Improved troubleshooting decreases MTTR and results in lower customer churn. More rapid time to market with new technology deployments generates revenue. And identifying over- and under-utilized assets creates efficiencies and avoids unnecessary spend.

You are likely aware of examples like these – the more obvious ways to manage your infrastructure through monitoring. But we find that far too few organizations conduct proper pre- and post-change analysis of their infrastructure.

Perhaps your organization is migrating to a new data center, or it’s offloading a portion of application resources to the cloud. Maybe you’re upgrading hardware, virtualizing aspects of your infrastructure, or increasing your pipe. A monitoring solution’s pre- and post-change analysis of the performance parameters ensures that all components of the network have survived the move or change intact, and have retained all functionality and performance levels.

Has the service improved or worsened? How are the components of the service now interacting? You’ll want to conduct such an analysis to prove your investment in that infrastructure upgrade or change paid off. Or if you still need to iron out some wrinkles.

For more insight, download our free whitepaper, Top 10 Ways Infrastructure Monitoring Improves Your Business.

Top 10 Ways Infrastructure Monitoring Improves Your Business

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