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4 Nov

Visit SevOne at TM Forum Management World Americas

TM Forum Logo in Green and Black

SevOne is making its first appearance at TM Forum Management World Americas in Orlando. Joining TM Forum and exhibiting at this show was an easy decision for us, given our growing momentum with service provider partners like ACS (a Xerox Company) and CSC and cable and telecom customers like Comcast and Cincinnati Bell; and the new opportunity presented by the adoption of LTE (Long Term Evolution), IMS (IP Multimedia Systems), and other 4G technologies.

Why is SevOne a great fit for these industry segments?

We have previously blogged about SevOne as a platform innovation and our platform scalability. We provide the fastest, most scalable and comprehensive real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and performance reporting solution to ensure network and application performance and availability. We support over 15 network, server, and applciation metric collection methods, such as SNMP, NetFlow, IP SLA, ICMP, WMI, XML, and JMX, and the ability to collect and integrate with other data sources like vSphere vCenter and operations support systems through a SOAP web services API. Our larger customers have over 30,000 network devices and 2,000,000 elements monitored by SevOne PAS, and over 1,000 users per day running reports on our system.

LTE represents a major shift for mobile carriers to all IP-based networks, using standard IETF protocols and therefore enabling enterprise network management and monitoring systems to be leveraged. This will drive the consolidation of disparate and legacy management systems, and provide the opportunity to realize significant operations costs reductions. Not unlike the benefits that our service provider partners like ACS (a Xerox Company) are realizing through consolidation and standardization on SevOne for performance management and monitoring of its cloud infrastructure.

To capitalize on this market opportunity, SevOne is extending its bulk data collection and monitoring capabilities to include LTE networks and IMS based applications. Through our plug-in architecture, no matter the data collection source, SevOne builds a dynamic baseline of normal behavior for all performance indicators, and sets threshold-based alerts for when actual performance levels deviate from their historical norms. Starting with routers at the cell-site and following the data path back to the core, all devices in the data path can be monitored, providing and an end-to-end view of the LTE infrastructure. Carriers can use SevOne to see not only how their new LTE network is performing, but also how individual services and IMS applications on the network are performing. This gives carriers the visibility they need to pro-actively monitor and troubleshoot any issue, in real-time, before it becomes service impacting.


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