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3 Mar

What We Learned at CiscoLive! Berlin 2016

Digital Transformation

Connectivity needs to be here all the time, every time. That message – one of the results of digital transformation – helped to shape the conversation recently at Cisco Live! Berlin.

Brian Promes, SevOne’s Director of Product Marketing, and Joe Ruffles, Global Product Marketing Manager, said this year’s event just felt different.

“It was a completely different tone. Customers moving to SDN were talking about what they’re doing and why it’s important. They talked about positive business outcomes,” Promes said.

In previous years, customers at the event discussed how they thought Cisco ACI would be the newest and greatest thing, but didn’t have any proof points to back up their assumptions. Now, with proof points in tow, the tone was less about market shaping and more about market execution.

Dozens of Cisco customers shared how they make use of Cisco’s virtualized network infrastructure, providing them greater agility at lower cost.

“The fundamental for everyone was savings in CapEx and OpEx. Some found it in agility, some in empowering their staff through automation, and some in right-sized infrastructure. But everyone talked about savings,” Ruffles said. “For example, a major supermarket chain discussed how it needs to be where its customers are, which is online, and how they need to do more with less. They are using Cisco ACI APIs to automate configuring and provisioning, and that’s enabled them to reduce platform build from months to days – or less. They also now have a truly agile infrastructure platform that can compete with the public cloud.”

Other customers shared some of the positive business outcomes they’ve achieved in their own digital transformations.

With a single pane of management, another company that had struggled with troubleshooting, network reliability, and security, gained visibility and control over its entire digital infrastructure – both its physical and virtual components.

Yet another company simplified and centralized its management, which provided visibility and automation. They were able to decrease both CapEx and OpEx, they said.

“These are the kinds of results we expect as organizations move to software-defined infrastructure and virtualization,” Ruffles said. “They are indicative of the inflection point in the industry overall. It’s not just with Cisco; change is happening across the board.”


Watch this 8-minute video to learn how SevOne can monitor ACI environments:

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