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30 Dec

What We Learned From the Fall ONUG Meeting

Open Network User Group conference

The Open Network User Group hosts a semi-annual conference with one main goal – to bring enterprises, service providers and vendors together to work toward open standards for networking protocols.

SevOne participated in ONUG’s fall conference, which was held in New York City. We participated in various sessions and chats, centering around SDN, SD-WAN, Cloud, automation, orchestration and more. Here are our three biggest takeaways from the event:

SDN was the main player throughout the conference, as many present discussed how they are taking a larger role in SDN. Participants talked about the realities and benefits of living with multi-vendor SDN solutions and how to get them to all work together. Much of the discussion centered on how to mature the IT business support model to match complex infrastructures.

Morgan Stanley, Citi, FedEx – all of them were talking about a rollout of SDN in the lab or as a commercial offering. Banks traditionally seem more reactive, but they’ve been at the forefront of SDN.

And hearing Morgan Stanley say why they care so much about open frameworks was refreshing to hear. The larger enterprise world needs to come together to acknowledge that we can’t solve problems with people, we need to automate and develop better sources of truth. They’re doing that.

As infrastructure becomes more complex, businesses need to be able to provide the right answers to stakeholders. It’s not about how to devise tools, but how to devise tools that can help automate repetitive tasks. Companies are figuring out that its infrastructure is not getting simpler, but rather more complex because companies themselves are demanding more from the infrastructure today. This has been one of the biggest shifts in the last 15 years.

SD-WAN – the series of technologies that allows you to increase bandwidth while reducing cost and complexity – was also frequently highlighted, as many vendors and customers provided commentary and demos to showcase the business value.

It all points to the fact that customers are realizing, in order to remain competitive, they must get the most from their infrastructure. New complexities are going to take time and effort from customers to address solutions to persistent problems. It’s about knowing what you have, where you have it configured, and how it affects services. And this must be driven by openly integrated tools.

Forward thinking
Hearing fellow participants discussing open frameworks, container networking, automation and more – it was truly refreshing.

SevOne hosted the ONUG after party at Carroll Place, which became an extension of the spirit of the conference. Customers and vendors came together to talk about the things they can do with their new infrastructure, as well as issues they have to overcome. They did so openly and honestly, which is a complete change from how many typically operate. This new era of openness will benefit us all.


OpenStack™ has been one of the pioneers in the field of SDN. Its architecture allows for flexible deployment of applications and the collection and visualization of these instances through metrics collected via both the Virtual Device and SDN controller for full end-to-end operational insight into application performance in an OpenStack™-based infrastructure.

Earlier this year, SevOne released the xStats Adapter for use with OpenStack™, which provides the ability to monitor and manage network, resource and instance performance of OpenStack™ infrastructures to identify trends, monitor performance and aid with resource assurance of data center cloud infrastructure.

For more on SevOne’s xStats Adapter for OpenStack™, read our datasheet here.

Written by Stefan Schneider
Sr. Product Manager

As a product manager, Stefan is primarily responsible for ensuring that SevOne products solve the current and future needs of the Service Provider market.

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