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28 Jan

Why 2016 is The Year for IoT, Big Data and Analytics

Why 2016 is The Year for IoT, Big Data and Analytics

Digital infrastructure management is a critical requirement for every business.

Michael Cucchi – SevOne’s new vice president of product marketing – is focused on how SevOne can continue to deliver capabilities for diverse infrastructures with high confidence and shorter time to value.

In his new role, Cucchi will be working to set the go-to-market strategy and alignment for positioning SevOne’s solutions toward today’s unique challenges – like digital infrastructure management, digital transformation, and IoT data frameworks.

We caught up with Cucchi to discuss what technologies will be big players in 2016. Read his responses below:

SevOne: What must enterprises do in 2016 to remain competitive and ahead of the curve?

Michael Cucchi: The world is going through a revolution toward next generation digital business. You can not find an industry, sector, region, or market untouched by this massive sea change.

Every enterprise now has to go through a transition to remain competitive. And it’s a transition to data, analytics, and application driven differentiation. The results will show huge shifts in methodology and technology, driven by Platform as a Service (PaaS), microservices, big data and analytics, and agile programming for continuous delivery. As enterprises go through this shift and are faced with competing in it, they need to leverage these new technology stacks aggressively, but do it in as low a risk way as possible.

This is one reason I’m so excited to be working at SevOne, because our digital infrastructure monitoring platform is built from and on this next generation platform, and it delivers fast time to value on these technologies – one that provides major capabilities and consistent time to value, supporting workloads we’ve never seen before and helping to bridge enterprises through this challenging change.

SevOne: How can enterprises embrace and utilize big data and analytics?

MC: It’s hard to become an expert at leveraging data science, analytics and the associated technology stack can be expensive and complex.  I’ve always been interested in how analytics, big and fast data and real-time intelligence would impact the world, but at the same time surprised how challenged corporations were at excelling at it. The fact is, there’s a major skills gap on the market, and the technology can be hard and expensive to manage. I’ve witnessed the huge length of time to extract value from these technologies at other companies.

But at SevOne, it’s a fully matured implementation. Big data, analytics, and real-time intelligence can be delivered at global scale, and it’s built to integrate into both operational and business intelligence systems.

SevOne: Are enterprises ready for the IoT revolution? How is SevOne addressing the influx of IoT devices worldwide?

MC: According to Juniper Research, (and they’re not alone) the number of IoT connected devices will be 38.5 billion in 2020, up from 13.4 billion in 2015.

As IoT applications and use cases continue to expand, so will the number and types of devices, and the amount of data generated from them. To handle this explosive growth, organizations need a smart data framework that can collect, enrich and integrate IoT data at scale and with context.

This insight will allow them to make strategic business decisions with confidence. [For more on smart data frameworks, download our new executive brief, “How a Smart Data Framework Can Better Shape Your IoT Business.”]

SevOne’s immense scalability will help every business weather this storm because its data management platform at scale can meet and exceed enterprise IoT goals. Seeing as how SevOne monitors the world’s largest carrier, service provider, and enterprise networks in a single cluster, this is a proven platform that we are excited to take to market. [Be sure to add our second IoT executive brief – “5 Questions You Need Answered to Assure IoT Service Delivery” – to your reading list.]

SevOne: Any closing thoughts? What does 2016 mean specifically for performance management?

MC: I’m extremely excited about SevOne’s roadmap and how I see our technology impacting the market. Our plans – to run natively in docker containers; to deliver even deeper integration to PaaS; to go prime time with SDN and NFV; and to continue our critical correlation between physical and software defined digital infrastructures – will be huge tools for our customers.

I’m really pumped to be here and be part of such a terrific team of people, all driven to truly support and bridge the market through such an exciting time.

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