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8 Jul

Why legacy monitoring tools are a roadblock to your success

In a hyper-connected world where your business relies on technology more than ever before, there’s no time to doubt your digital infrastructure management platform.

Outdated tools put up roadblocks to your success: wasting time, costing money, and hindering your ability to achieve new strategic initiatives.

In a May 2016 survey, 322 professionals comment on the state of their infrastructure management legacy tools. Their responses are mapped out in this handy and easy-to-read infographic.

Most organizations surveyed are monitoring at least part of their infrastructure, including network gear, servers and datacenters, applications, traffic, public and private Cloud, IoT devices and more.

But companies still face an array of challenges.

Nearly nine in 10 say they don’t completely trust the data that they’re collecting and additionally, aren’t completely happy with their current tools’ scalability. Nearly half of those surveyed said they feel their tools don’t support their strategic initiatives such as hybrid cloud, IoT and SDN.

More than 60 percent of those surveyed said they will likely choose new Digital Infrastructure Monitoring tools in 2016.

How organizations handle their digital transformation will be the difference between those who accelerate into the future and those who are left behind.

For more detailed insights from the survey and to learn how SevOne can help support next-generation infrastructures to drive business initiatives, view the infographic and sign up our free webcast “Why Legacy Tools Can’t Support Cutting-Edge Initiatives” on July 28 at 11 a.m. EST.

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