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6 Nov

Will You Marry My Start Up?

Two Wedding Bands on top of One Another

You may know the story -- you may not. SevOne CTO and co-founder, Vess Bakalov married SevOne executive, Tanya Bakalov and told her right after their honeymoon that he was leaving his job to found a company.

It’s a great story, and the success of SevOne is due in large part to Vess and Tanya’s long hours, intelligence and intensity. They are truly committed to delivering an infrastructure performance management solution that scales infinitely and collects unlimited amount of data to ensure performance – speed at scale.

Fast Company posted a piece by Vess a couple of days ago highlighting the things he's learned starting a marriage and a business at the same time.

Your ideas can drive disruption and change, but you have to take on disruption and handle change internally as well.

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