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17 Sep

You’re Paying More Than You Think for Monitoring


I booked an airfare the other day for a family vacation. The initial ticket price seemed great. But then I got hit with the upcharges. $25 for a checked bag. $35 if I wanted to carry that bag on board with me. $40 for a preferred seat with some extra leg room. And when I boarded the plane with my family, the ancillary charges continued to roll in. I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself. It certainly makes it difficult to compare actual pricing among airlines and determine which is the best deal.

Similarly, you need to perform your due diligence when considering an investment in a new performance monitoring solution. The initial purchase price of the solution is not a good indicator of the eventual bottom line. To properly assess Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), you must look at a wide range of hidden costs. These may include:

  • Hardware and server licensing
  • Storage
  • Per module fees
  • Cost to deploy and maintain agents
  • Additional staffing needs
  • Abnormally high professional services
  • And much more

According to Bob Pierpoint, a former Engineering Director for a global investment bank, you also have to look out for monitoring solutions that employ siloed licensing.

“There are products out there where you buy one type of expensive licensing for network monitoring, one for voice monitoring, one for APM, etc,” said Bob. “If you have a product where that is abstracted and you’re buying a license to monitor an object – whatever that object could be – it gives you agility.”

In other words, if you want to temporarily shift your monitoring focus from one infrastructure component to another, you don’t have to take on additional cost to do so.

Watch Bob’s video interview on Three Things that Impact Total Cost of Ownership with Performance Monitoring.

To become a more informed buyer and better understand the ancillary costs associated with many “software-only” monitoring solutions, check out this whitepaper: Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Performance Monitoring Tools.

Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Performance Monitoring Tools

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