Communications Service Providers

Combining Performance and Innovation for a Better Wireless Experience

  • Combining Performance and Innovation for a Better Wireless Experience

    Whether you are implementing next-generation 4G/5G networks, transitioning your infrastructure with Network Function Virtualization (NFV), offering broadband and wifi services, or leasing use of your network for mobile backhaul, delivering consistent quality of experience to your customers with the business agility to quickly offer new services is the main driver of your business.

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SevOne works with leading CSPs across the globe providing insights about how:

  • Your multi-vendor, multi-technology infrastructure resources are performing in terms of bandwidth, capacity and utilization so they quickly troubleshoot and take preventative action if issues arise
  • The capacity and utilization of your service delivery resources are evolving over time to help you make decisions around deployments, upgrades or consolidation/lifecycle initiatives
  • You are performing against customer-specific service level agreements
  • Your customers are experiencing their network and services

“SevOne allowed Lightpath to speed delivery of customer reporting since we were able to go from manually created report to automatically generated reports. Great time saver and much more accurate.” -Altice USA Lightpath

“SevOne’s scalability, speed, breadth of data collected, raw data collection, and data integrity and accuracy is best-in-class. It makes capacity planning possible.” -Comcast

“SevOne has provided end-to-end visibility of our network and infrastructure, enabling our team to reduce MTTR and spend more time being proactive. This has saved our organization time, money, and allows me to sleep better at night.” -Bell Mobility 


Why SevOne For Carriers?

A number of the world’s leading CSPs use SevOne to ensure network uptime, reduce customer churn, improve capacity projections, and manage the health of their rapidly growing infrastructure.

Assuring Ethernet Backhaul Performance
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Carriers providing Ethernet backhaul must be able to understand backhaul link and service provider performance, easily segment the network and isolate issues, optimize performance and increase experience quality.

Lessons Learned from LTE Outages
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Past LTE outages undermined the key principles of reliability and quality of the end-to-end customer experience. Here’s how to avoid those errors moving forward.

10 LTE Network Metrics to Monitor
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The deployment of LTE increases dependency on the underlying network, which must be closely monitored in order to avert service-impacting events. These are 10 critical metrics for successful monitoring of an LTE network.

4 Ways to Improve Capacity Forecasts
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Today’s service providers are under constant pressure to increase network capacity while keeping costs down. This requires investing in areas that truly warrant upgrades and becoming adept at a crucial discipline: capacity planning.

Monitoring 4G LTE and IMS Core Performance

Read how operators can overcome the “visibility gap” that puts 4G LTE and IMS teams in the dark exactly when they need complete, real-time visibility into infrastructure performance.

Carrier NFV Assurance

Mobile carriers are under pressure to innovate and differentiate. The SevOne Carrier NFV Assurance Solution is designed for mobile carriers implementing NFV automation based on the ESTI-MANO reference architecture.