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We recently asked SevOne employees to tell us why they chose SevOne and what they would tell someone who is considering joining the company. Here's what they said:

"There are three things you need for a software company to be successful. One, you need awesome senior leadership with a vision. Two, you need a great product. Three, you need great people that build and maintain the product. SevOne is that company."

A Winning Team

Though an awesomely exciting work environment—SevOne is made up of extremely driven individuals. The fun the employees have, from Frisbee games to sponsored lunches, is a necessary outlet for all the hard work they put in. As SevOne pulls together to beat out its billion-dollar business competitors, one thing has always held true—the SevOne team is playing to win.

"SevOne feels more 'alive' than other companies I have worked for. The people are down to earth and very talented. SevOne seems to have been very careful with the selection of people who can fit into a positive culture, so everyone seems free to speak their mind and do the right thing without politics getting in the way. There is a lot of room for improvement at SevOne, so new people are able to make a big difference. Co-workers are very helpful and willing to spend time to bring you up to speed with the specific technology use in the product. Overall, a very good place to work."

Where We Work

SevOne is one of the fastest growing global businesses in the marketplace and delivers clients accurate, world-class data service.

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SevOne Is Growing Quickly!

SevOne has hundreds of employees worldwide and is growing every day.

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