Financial Services Industry

Customer Story

“With SevOne, it’s easy to add devices, get instant charts, and configure reports on groups of devices. SevOne is much quicker and easier than our other monitoring technology.” - Martin Appleyard, Network and Security Management, Thomson Reuters

Perhaps no other industry suffers the impact of network, application, and system downtime – even for brief periods of time – as drastically as the financial services industry. Trades cannot be executed. Customer accounts are rendered inaccessible. Visibility of the market is lost.

A global financial services firm will lose millions of dollars from minutes of downtime, not to mention the resulting damage to the organization’s reputation.

Whether you are a commercial bank, investment bank, insurance company, or securities firm, your IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of your business. You require consistent flow and uninterrupted availability of information and applications.

SevOne provides the world’s fastest, most scalable IT management and reporting platform to help you detect and avoid performance events hours and days before they impact your business.

Who Uses SevOne?

SevOne is used by a number of the world’s leading financial institutions – including many of the top investment banks in the world –ensuring business uptime and managing the health of their rapidly growing IT environments.

Though the financial industry can be considered a collection of many unique markets, most institutions face similar objectives when it comes to IT performance management and reporting.

Consolidate the Monitoring Infrastructure

The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act of 1999 resulted in a wave of consolidation within the financial industry. Years later, institutions continue to deal with the after effects of this accelerated merger and acquisition activity. Organizations continue to look for ways to reduce operating costs by removing redundant performance management platforms that have been in place for years. SevOne provides a solution, with a single, end-to-end IT management platform that deploys in minutes and can scale well beyond the current needs of your business.

In addition, because SevOne accepts any third party time-stamped data into its reporting engine, financial organizations are pulling together multiple data points from many disconnected sources – such as Endace, nPulse, TS-Associates, and Arista – in order to present sub-second transactional latency metrics from inline packet capture solutions alongside network performance graphs. Having a single dashboard that compares disparate sources of information provides enhanced insight and prevents the inefficient practice of “swivel chair” monitoring.

Monitor Trade Networks

For securities trading, the network is the central nervous system of the business. Latency at any point is not acceptable. Therefore, polling your network in five minute intervals isn’t even close to sufficient, as hiccups in network performance can easily be masked in such a time frame, putting your business at risk. This is especially true when dealing with high volume, High-Frequency Trading (HFT) involving computer-driven transactions that are typically executed in milliseconds.

SevOne provides the most reliable polling on the market, with select, high-frequency object polling down to the second. Sub-minute polling assures performance-impacting events are readily detected and dealt with before they disrupt the business. And while other IT performance management solutions aggregate polling data over time, SevOne retains up to a year of as-polled data, providing the most granular views of historical performance data for analysis and reporting.

Ensure Consistent Service Delivery

Whether your financial services are accessed on-premise or in the cloud, your customers and employees demand a quality experience. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that target high-profile web servers such as online banking portals and credit card payment gateways have become more frequent and pose a tremendous financial threat. Organizations require real-time monitoring and confirmation of service availability.

SevOne monitors for consistent delivery of services over your network in real-time and alerts you when performance falls outside of established thresholds. Every key metric SevOne collects is baselined on a rolling 10 week period, allowing you to set dynamic thresholds for acceptable performance. Alerts are triggered based on the severity of threshold violations, so if service delivery is trending in the wrong direction, you will have the opportunity to troubleshoot and resolve the issue before end users feel the impact.

Handle the Demands of Big Data

Financial institutions have been dealing with “big data” issues for some time. Whether it’s monitoring for fraud detection, analyzing market opportunity, or sharing vast amounts of data among other organizations, big data and financial markets are synonymous. However, the Volume, Variety, and Velocity of data continue to explode as institutions look for new ways to offer personalized service to customers, detect high risk accounts, and make more informed lending decisions.

SevOne scales to address the most demanding data collection and analysis requirements. SevOne monitors data generated by millions of elements across multiple networks and calculate trillions of baseline analytics with no degradation in speed or performance of the system.

Did You Know? - SevOne writes more rows of data in one day than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Generate IT Reports in Seconds

For operations and network staff, the customer is the employee. Teams must readily demonstrate their ability to meet SLAs across the entire infrastructure to executives and key stakeholders. Reports that take more than 15 minutes to generate and deploy aren’t acceptable.

SevOne is widely recognized as having the fastest IT reporting on the market. Reports that take other solutions minutes or even hours to generate are delivered in seconds with SevOne, regardless of the size of your monitored domain. Integrated SNMP to NetFlow graphs that reveal server, network, and traffic profiles in a coherent view allow IT teams to detect and resolve issues faster.

Ensure Successful Deployment of New Technologies

As new technologies are introduced to comply with expanding regulatory reform, turnaround time for monitoring these technologies is critical. Speed to market and successful deployment is only possible if you are able to monitor new technologies in your environment. In addition, financial services firms require pre- and post-deployment testing of initiatives involving Voice over IP (VoIP) and IPv6 addressing.

For new technologies that require special monitoring needs, SevOne guarantees certification of new devices in ten business days or less. This allows financial organizations to mitigate risk associated with major change by proactively detecting IT performance issues associated with technology deployments, before they impact end users or result in lost business.

“[When it comes to IT Performance Management and Monitoring,] we haven’t run up against anything SevOne can’t do for us.” - Network Operations Manager, Leading Financial Services Firm

Support Data Center Consolidation

Reducing IT assets by using more efficient technologies – such as server and storage virtualization – is a common consideration within the financial industry. However, companies often overlook the impact that virtualization can have on the network if they are focused solely on VM metrics.

SevOne supports consolidation initiatives by allowing for monitoring of both physical and virtual environments from a single pane of glass. In addition, pre- and post- deployment metrics can compare systems performance and the impact the virtualization project has had on the network.