Leading Financial Services Company Increases Productivity with SevOne.

Customer Story
  • Wanted to replace its incumbent network performance management solution with one that was easier to use and manage
  • Required the ability to manage the network capacity for its lines of business and the bandwidth of its call centers
  • Needed a solution that didn’t take a team to manage and wasn’t expensive to maintain
  • Compared and replaced every report from its old system with SevOne
  • Now able to easily generate month end reports; what used to take 1-2 days to produce now takes 30 minutes using SevOne
  • Increased productivity of network operations team by being able to decrease the admin time of the using the solution

As a leading provider of employer-sponsored retirement savings plans, this SevOne customer offers a range of services to millions of Americans and their companies and employers from retirement savings products and services to individual annuities and life insurance and business-owned life insurance products.


Monitoring the company’s network is no small task for the company’s network operations team with a home office, three call centers, and 55 field offices. The company had been using product that was extremely complex to use and very expensive in terms of maintenance costs. The system had become too sophisticated for the company’s needs because two years prior, it had sold off a portion of its business and no longer had a team of experts to run the tool – which it required.

After it downsized, the company decided that it needed a new solution that didn’t require a lot of training or a team of people to manage. The main goal of its new monitoring solution was “ease of use.” A network operations manager for the company said, “We needed a solution that we wouldn’t have to send someone to school for a month to learn how to use.”

The company’s architecture group looked at a few different solutions and SevOne had all of the functionalities that it required to monitor the network, servers, and bandwidth – ease of use, speed, and lower cost of ownership. Other solutions seemed to lack the ability to provide a complete package or even comparable in functionality to its previous tool. After reviewing a number of tools available, and re-evaluating the current tool being used, the company selected SevOne’s network performance management solution.


The company reports that the implementation took about a month due to it having to compare and replace SevOne to its previous system and every report the old system used to generate one by one. Every use of the old solution was replaced with SevOne and in doing so, the company’s network operations manager commented, “The old solution was like trying to drive an 18-wheeler.” When comparing that to SevOne he said, “SevOne is like riding a bicycle.”

SevOne is being utilized for two main purposes, one of which is monitoring the network of its different lines of business for network capacity planning. The company looks for how much bandwidth is being used, how much is needed, whether its servers are trending towards maximum utilization, and also to see network capacity projections.

Its second major use of SevOne is to monitor its call centers around the country to see if they are pushing the limits of their circuits and if so, the company is able to easily increase bandwidth or come up with an alternative solution going forward. This area of the business is extremely critical to the company especially when there is a lot of market volatility. Being able to monitor and trend on network data is key to running a smooth call center business.

The company reports that SevOne’s support was also crucial to its implementation and that it made its transition process much easier. “We sat down in front of the product and for the most part got it working, with some help from the technical staff at SevOne. The product was easy to figure out, but in replacing our old system and making sure it ran smoothly, being able to pick up the phone saved us a lot of implementation time.”


The company reports that it got exactly what it needed from SevOne and that the solution was usable from day one without weeks oftraining. Its network operations manager added, “It all comes down to ease of use. Our users are able to figure out what is neededand how to do it without spending a lot of time on it and what used to take weeks to figure out using our previous tool now takes less than an hour and if it takes up to an hour, that’s a tough case.”

The company is now able to easily generate its month end reports which used to take 1-2 days to produce and now takes 30 minutes using SevOne.

Overall, SevOne has increased productivity for the company’s network operations team, and has provided the company with a fast time to value. The team also now has more time to concentrate on other important tasks, now that the administration of its network monitoring solution has decreased. The company commented that its old tool took three full time employees to run and SevOne can practically run on its own.

“We are very happy with the SevOne solution and haven’t run up against anything it cannot do for us,” he concluded.