“In all our deployments so far, we haven’t encountered a single device that couldn’t be polled or a metric that couldn’t be captured by the SevOne Data Platform.”

Graham Prowse, DevOps Manager, Spark NZ


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"In our business, it's imperative that we understand application traffic and prevent performance issues before they impact critical network services. As we evaluated vendors in this space, we found SevOne had a new way to approach the collection of performance data and prediction of potential service degradation."

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"LTE traffic is extremely bursty. The only way to understand actual spikes in traffic is to poll at high frequency. SevOne gives us this capability. Now we have the data to provision our links in a way that maximizes resources and ensures a positive customer experience."


"We compared SevOne against several other leading products. We clearly felt SevOne offered the best insight at the best cost."

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"Since deploying SevOne, we've seen a 50% cost reduction in administrative costs and were spared the expense of additional capital on hardware to run the software on."

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