Cisco Alliance Overview


Complete Visibility For Your Cisco Infrastructure

Thanks to strong alliances with key players in the industry, SevOne helps you get the most out of your infrastructure monitoring solution. Our long-standing relationship with Cisco Systems, for example, helps you leverage Cisco manageability interfaces to implement a performance visibility strategy that seamlessly meets changing business needs.

SevOne monitors the performance of converged Cisco infrastructures, to give you a consolidated performance dashboard that includes network, server, application, response time, VoIP reports and more. And, it does it all in a single browser-based view, across enterprise, service provider and cloud-based architectures.

How SevOne Helps You Manage the Performance of Your Cisco Infrastructure:

  • Automatically build baselines of normal utilization levels
  • Get alerts when performance deviates from historical norms
  • Achieve high-frequency polling down to one second intervals
  • Receive SNMP certification of any new MIB in 10 days or less
  • Maintain 12 months of “as polled” data without the need for data aggregation
  • Support Cisco and multi-vendor infrastructures on one dashboard

Managing the Performance of Your Cisco IT Infrastructure

SNMP Monitoring Supports all versions of SNMP, including v1, 2, and 3, and SNMP MIBs across the entire Cisco catalogue of networking equipment.
NetFlow Reporting Collects raw NetFlow and reports on flow data at one second intervals, for granular troubleshooting. Aggregated NetFlow provides critical data to network troubleshooting teams.
Flexible NetFlow Supports all available fields of NetFlow and does not limit users to predetermined fields or templates. Allows users to build their own templates and select from over 200 fields of data, including BGP statistics.
NBAR Reporting Collects and reports on Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR). With NBAR support, SevOne can highlight what type of traffic and how much of it is passing through one’s network.
IP SLA Tests Provides a GUI for configuring IP SLA tests within SevOne, and detects and imports existing ones. Alerts and reports when threshold violations occur for latency, jitter, and packet loss. Automates the deployment of thousands of tests with a simple deployment script, allowing for comparison of current user experience levels to historical norms.
Medianet Performance Monitor Identifies degradation to business-critical voice, data and video applications. Supports new IOS capabilities including user traffic performance and IP Flow path tracing Performance Monitor via NetFlow and IPSLA video application tests.
Network Analysis Module (NAM) Collects response time data via the NAM, providing rich data on traffic and real-time insight into application response times so you can troubleshoot application performance.
UCS Supports the Unified Computing System (UCS) via SNMP, NetConf/XML and NetFlow for system performance statistics. Runs as a VM on the UCS stack.
VoIP Telephony Collects call statistics from Cisco Unified Call Manager servers. Reports on MOS scores, TopN and best and worst calls without the need to deploy agents or DPI.
Log Analysis Enables you to incorporate log analytics into SevOne’s all-in-one-solution for deeper visibility for another dimension of performance monitoring.
4G LTE & IMS Core Allows you to monitor your Cisco-based 4G LTE and IMS Core infrastructure from a single dashboard, with support for the Cisco Aggregation Services Router (ASR) product family.

Metric to Netflow Integration

When identifying a spike in utilization, SevOne provides one-click metric-to-flow integration that takes you from SNMP reports and alerts into a NetFlow Top Talkers report. As a result, you can see who is consuming your bandwidth for the exact period of time for a specific interface.

This industry-leading SNMP and NetFlow integration speeds your problem resolution and saves valuable time and effort when trying to understand what type of traffic traverses your infrastructure.

SevOne also enables you to navigate into NetFlow reports from any of its supported monitoring technologies, including IP SLA, VoIP, HTTP reports and third-party data imports. For example, after running an IPSLA test to measure latency, you can navigate to a NetFlow report in a single click to see what traffic caused the latency across multiple hops in the path of a transaction.

Trusted Partner

As a member of the Cisco Developer Network, SevOne works closely with Cisco development teams to ensure we remain at the forefront of supporting current and emerging Cisco networking technologies.