Dedicated NetFlow Collector


Metric to Flow Analysis for Faster Troublesooting

Today’s complex infrastructures are creating unprecedented amounts of data to be monitored and analyzed. As a result, the ability to quickly troubleshoot is now paramount. By providing realtime flow analysis, SevOne Dedicated NetFlow Collector (DNC), part of the SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform, helps you pinpoint potential problems on the spot..

SevOne DNC, not only allows you to quickly and easily spot bandwidth hogs and wasteful traffic; it also gives you insight into how specific applications are using your network. This information is critical when it comes to prioritizing traffic and creating policies that help eliminate waste.


Pivot in One Click

Pivot from any performance metricto related flow with a single click.

View It All

View all data sources in a single dashboard or report, for easy correlation of metrics

No Swivel

Eliminate the time drain associated with “swivel chair monitoring”.

Why SevOne DNC?

Identify Rogue Applications

  • View and customize lists of recognized applications attained through port-based identification.
  • Use “Type of Service” (ToS) Filters to identify the traffic running on your network, non-approved applications consuming bandwidth, and the impact on your Quality of Service (QoS) policies.

Gain Immediate Access to Historical Data

  • Store up to seven days of raw flow data and one year of aggregated flow data at one-minute intervals for each report template and interface.
  • Troubleshoot low bandwidth and high impact events like DNS storms.

Get Broad and Scalable Flow Support

  • Avoid being limited to predetermined fields or templates, with the ability to monitor NetFlow v5/v9, Flexible NetFlow, Cisco NAM, Cisco Medianet, Cisco AVC, NBAR/NBAR2, IPFIX, sFlow, NetStream, Juniper J-Flow, and 200+ available fields of NetFlow.
  • Collect up to 12 million flows per minute, and grow data collection infinitely as part of a SevOne Cluster™

Detect Micro Spikes

  • Use one-second visibility of raw data to see small bursts of traffic that other tools miss.

Flow Alerting and Enhancements

  • Create policies and thresholds and generate alerts based on flow data.

Pinpoint Top Talkers

  • Quickly identify what type of traffic contributed to a spike, resolve DNS issues and check the “Next Hop” using the SevOne Top Talkers report.

SevOne DNC Appliances

SevOne DNC Appliances