Digital Infrastructure Management


Integrated Metrics, Flows, Logs and End User Experience

More and more of today’s service delivery environments are moving to hyperscale-based infrastructures. This is creating a tidal wave of data and information that needs to be monitored and analyzed, including performance metrics, data flows, logs and end user experience data.

SevOne helps achieve this goal by removing visibility gaps and providing true speed at scale that allows you to leverage the power of integrated metrics, flows, logs and end user experience. Users can now understand what happened (metrics), quickly pivot to understand why it happened (logs) , see who it happened to (flows) , and how they experienced it—all in one integrated digital infrastructure management platform.

Cut Trouble Shooting Time in Half:

  • Pivot in One Click - Pivot from any performance metric to related flow with a single click
  • View it All - View all data sources in a single dashboard or report, for easy correlation of metrics
  • Stop Swiveling - Eliminate the time drain associated with “swivel chair monitoring”

SevOne's Approach & Vision

Legacy monitoring tools are being stretched to the breaking point. With multiple metrics, tidal waves of data and fluctuating demand, companies are struggling to monitor their infrastructure and deliver vital applications and services. And, as data increases and domains continue to expand into unchartered territories, blind spots, knowledge gaps and delays are becoming a daily reality. SevOne answers this challenge with an infrastructure monitoring solution that offers true speed at scale. In doing so, we provide access to all data in real-time, for continuous service delivery insight.

Speed at Scale Means:

Access to All Your Data
  • Remove visibility gaps
  • Integrate metrics, flows and logs
  • Monitor public and private infrastructures
  • Include compute, network, storage, power/cooling
Instant Answers
  • Baseline billions of metrics
  • Troubleshoot
  • Forecast capacity
  • Optimize the infrastructure
Service Delivery Insight
  • Understand your infrastructure
  • See the effects on the business
  • Benefit from continuous service delivery insight

Understand What's Normal and What's Not!

Given the sheer amount of data available to you, how do you filter through the noise of massive machine data to see what’s different and relevant right now? You use SevOne. It automatically baselines every metric it collects —including logs — and alerts you when real-time performance deviates from historical norms. So, you get alerts that matter.


SevOne Appliances - Integrated Metrics, Flows, Logs and End User Experience

Performance Appliance Solution – SevOne PAS

An all-in-one monitoring solution available as a physical or virtual appliance, SevOne PAS is both a collector and a reporter with a distributed storage system. It supports a wide variety of collection methods, monitoring up to 200,000 objects per physical appliance, or billions when part of a SevOne ClusterTM – all while storing up to one year of historical polled data.

Performance Log Appliance – SevOne PLA

Available in physical or virtual appliances, SevOne PLA can be integrated with a SevOne ClusterTM for integrated metrics, flows and logs with one-click, metric-to-log integration or it can be deployed as a standalone. It automatically converts raw logs into measureable performance log metrics, with real-time thresholds, and first occurrence alerts on log activity.

Dedicated Netflow Collector – SevOne DNC

SevOne DNC is optimized for flow data collection and reporting. It supports up to 1,000 interfaces per appliance with collection rates of up to 12 million flows per minute, and can grow data collection infinitely as part of a SevOne ClusterTM. It stores seven days of raw flow data and one year of aggregated flow data by default, including the top 200 results at one-minute intervals for each report, for each interface.

End User Experience Appliance – SevOne EUE

SevOne EUE actively tests entire network paths by using synthetic traffic to collect in-depth end-user experience data across enterprise, cloud and communication service provider infrastructures. Now you can easily measure actual application and service performance and directly correlate it to the network and digital infrastructure that’s responsible for delivering it.