Educational Institutions Using the SevOne Data Platform


Easy to deploy, SevOne’s intuitive solution speeds up the troubleshooting of slowdowns through real-time reports, giving you the information you need to fine-tune your network and to deliver maximum performance for applications. With SevOne, network devices can be grouped by location or campus, which facilitates pinpointing events and taking remedial action before any connectivity impact occurs. You can view performance data from multiple locations or campuses on a single screen for a quick health check of network performance.

Network usage at institutions of higher learning, and even in grades K-12, is at an all-time high with the explosion of video, social media, gaming, web browsing, and peer-to-peer transfers and downloads. Students and faculty alike gobble up bandwidth and keep highly-taxed and over-worked networks running at peak capacity at all hours of the day and night. SevOne’s solution for network management automatically monitors and reports on the performance of network devices and applications, including traffic patterns. IT staff at some of the largest educational institutions have come to rely on SevOne to keep the traffic — academic and otherwise — flowing.

State-of-the-Art Traffic Analysis

SevOne lets you see usage rates and types by time of day or day of the week so you can discover where and how to reduce costs and manage traffic more effectively.

Automatic Data Collection

SevOne collects essential data automatically from your critical systems and from any designated sources - without agents - enabling clinical and business applications access across your institution auxiliary facilities.


As your student body and the size and locations at your institution grow, along with the number and variety of devices on your network, the SevOne Data Platform scales without limits to meet your new demands in real time.